Playa El Agua tropical Caribbean beach, Isla Margarita, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Playa El Agua beach, Isla Margarita (Margarita Island), Venezuela

For those of you who are new to the Spanish language, a playa is a beach and at 
Playa El Agua, Margarita Island you will find one of the most beautiful free tropical beaches
in the Caribbean enhanced by the 340 days a year of sun. 
Isla Margarita is a true tropical island.
With 2 miles (4 km) of white sand and tall mature coconut palms on Playa del Agua you'll be sure to find
either a quiet spot for your sunbathing or a little more activity at one of the more popular areas.
The people watching is superb as most vacationers take advantage of the flat, 
stone free tropical beach for casual strolling or more serious jogging.

ISLANDS MAGAZINE (Jan/Feb 2003) says:
"Playa El Agua is the strip, 2.5 miles of perfect white sand with
enough eye candy to give you cavities"

Tropical island beach Playa El Agua on the Caribbean tropical island of Isla Margarita or Margarita Island, Venezuela.


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 We have just added some information on some of Isla Margarita's other beaches close to Playa El Agua,
Playa Manzanillo and Playa Guayacan & Playa Parguito - the board surfing beach.

Margarita Tropical Villa, Playa el Agua beach, Margarita Island, Venezuela pool area
Margarita Tropical Villa Pool
Margarita Tropical Villa bed and breakfast (posada), Playa el Agua, Margarita Island, Venezuela
Bed & Breakfast in Playa El Agua.
10 rooms with king size beds,
A/C, pool, kitchen, fridges, DirecTV,
free Internet & breakfast
From US$33 double - See for info!

Margarita Tropical Villa pool side room, Playa El Agua, Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pool Side Room


Today's Weather at Playa El Agua, Margarita Island:

Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, 8:15 AM (Margarita Time)
Sunny with a moderate breeze: 82F (28C)
Sunrise: 6.21 AM - Sunset: 5.52 PM
In 2018 Playa El Agua has had 314 out of 337 days
with at least 6 hours of sun (93.2%).

In 2003 Playa El Agua had 340 out of 365 sunny days (93.2%)
In 2004 Playa El Agua had 339 out of 366 sunny days (92.6%)
In 2005 Playa El Agua had 340 out of 365 sunny days (93.2%)
In 2006 Playa El Agua had 340 out of 365 sunny days (93.2%)
In 2007 Playa El Agua had 344 out of 365 sunny days (94.2%)
In 2008 Playa El Agua had 339 out of 366 sunny days (92.6%)
In 2009 Playa El Agua had 347 out of 365 sunny days (95.1%)
In 2010 Playa El Agua had 339 out of 365 sunny days (92.9%)
In 2011 Playa El Agua had 339 out of 365 sunny days (92.9%)
In 2012 Playa El Agua had 342 out of 366 sunny days (93.4%)
In 2013 Playa El Agua had 346 out of 365 sunny days (94.8%)
In 2014 Playa El Agua had 348 out of 365 sunny days (95.3%)
In 2015 Playa El Agua had 343 out of 365 sunny days (93.9%)
In 2016 Playa El Agua had 335 out of 366 sunny days (91.5%)
In 2017 Playa El Agua had 338 out of 365 sunny days (92.6%)

14 year average is 341.5 days of sun per year (93.5%)
3 year average is 339 days of sun per year (92.9%)

If you want to see a current satellite image
click the link below.
To see a close-up view just click on Isla Margarita in the
lower right just N of the coast of Venezuela:

Looks Like ANOTHER Perfect Day in Paradise!

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