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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Epic Fantasy Medieval Island Tour and Creator Interview

If you’ve followed the community surrounding Nintendo’s popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, you’ll know that people everywhere are working hard to create the perfect islands.

For some, that means following a specific aesthetic theme like cottagecore or fairycore, and some create horror-inspired islands. However, for a man named Chris from Chicago, he decided to think outside the box and create a unique and amazing city inspired by medieval fantasy straight out of a storybook.

The island features several different named areas and a surprising amount of lore behind each location. The Red Sap Forest, Oasis Desert, and Ragna Village are all found on this land. These locations are as varied as their names suggest and really make you think you’re walking through an RPG landscape. The crown jewel of the island is the walled city of Temple City, with its ramparts, a tavern and its own dungeon.

This island is truly an island just waiting to be visited or visited, so be sure to watch the video below to get the full extent of the wonders it has to offer.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with the creator of the island, Chris, and ask him a few questions about his thought process and what it took to build the island. Chris can be found on his Youtube channel linked above, or via @templesbay on Twitter.

Obviously, your island is of medieval inspiration, so apart from that, did you have any particular objectives when creating it?

“There was actually a Reddit user who was doing a Medieval Fantasy build early in the games life, he was doing the White City of Gondor, and that inspired me to hell. I had seen a lot of people who were building Disney castles and turning their homes into castles, but my main goal for my build was to create something as realistic and as close to 1200 AD as the tools provided to me were allowed.

Sure, there’s a bit of fantasy in there, but I was really trying to keep it grounded and believable.

This is clearly seen in your video! Did you take any other specific inspiration from other video games or media sources?

“Skyrim was a big inspiration to me, I was heavily inspired for my castle town of Whiterun and Dragonsreach; the castle town with the 3 levels, like Whiterun was. And I actually started Skyrim when I was ready to decorate my dungeon and I took a lot of design elements from Dragonsreach, I think you can really see it in the main dining room.

I thought I saw a dragon tongue somewhere in the most recent tour, so that makes sense! Now an island of this scale I’m sure was difficult to build, especially Temple City. What was the hardest part or most unexpected setback you faced while creating it? Has burnout ever been a problem for you?

“So I built the island from Temple City. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, and that was the very first thing I built, and I built the rest of the world from from there. The city was painful at times, I had to tear it down twice due to space issues haha. It was horrible. But the worst was actually the Viking village! It was really hard for me to do a “snowy mountain” because the game doesn’t have custom designs around the buildings, so at first the mountain was inverted with the village on top and snow everywhere, but it looked awful. had to redo everything and figure out a way to make the snow look natural.I’m still a little unhappy but that’s the best he can get for now.

The only burnout I had was from acquiring all the items I needed. I must have bought a million wooden bells from Nookazon. But the actual construction and terraforming went very well.

It seems difficult at times, and being able to circumvent the limitations of the game while achieving your original image is no small feat! Do you consider your island completely finished now, or are there still things you plan to tweak or add?

“There’s a video coming out that Chase Crossing did for me soon. It’ll be fun to see how much I’ve changed the island from my original visit to the island. I’ve done quite a bit , the whole desert has changed, I have a wyvern on the mountain, I added a mine, and redid the farm and the church. I am constantly changing and updating and adding. But For now, I think it’s pretty much over!Until Nintendo starts adding more major updates.Inevitably, there will be more major changes when those updates drop.

Many thanks to Chris for taking the time with me to discuss his beautiful island. Chris has also been kind enough to include his creator code which features some of his original designs, in case you want to adorn your own island with some of his work. His code to access all his currently available designs is MA-1746-0160-9232.

The creative freedom that New Horizons offers players is bewildering, as Templesbay testifies. It’s always exciting to see how much creativity comes from this community, so be sure to check back here for all things Animal Crossing.