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Every mystery island visit, ranked

Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduces a brand new unique exploration tool. To go along with the new island theme, you can fly from your own home island to a “mystery” island using a special ticket purchased through the Nook Stop. Orville will send you to one of several special islands, where you can gather materials and fruits, go fishing, and hunt bugs. In some cases, there will even be villagers who can be invited to move to your island.

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While there are a few basic and more common Mystery Islands, some are rare and full of ways to earn extra cash. Here are all the Mystery Islands you might encounter on your travels.

11 Starting islands

There are four basic starter islands available, all of which contain native fruit from your home island and water bodies. One of these islands has a unique spiral shape that doesn’t require any tools to move around, but other than that, it’s best used as a place to harvest materials.

Another starter island only has a large pond and the ocean, which is useful for getting pond-specific fish. An island contains several cliffs so you need the ladder to explore. Likewise, there are cascading islands, which can spawn decent cascading fish.


ten Tree Islands

Starter islands will have a decent amount of trees of three types (fruit, hardwood, and cedar), but there are also islands that only contain hardwood. Although these islands are mostly just basic islands, they are useful for farming the three different types of wood (hardwood, softwood, and timber).

The best part is that on these islands, you can grow materials by chopping down all the trees with an ax without worrying that Isabelle will tell you ten minutes later that you need more trees.

9 garbage island

It looks like a normal island, with a winding river falling from the cliffs and flowing left into the ocean. Instead of fish, however, only trash can be found in the waters here. You might collect rocks, empty cans, old boots, and tires.

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Items may seem useless, but after a few takes, your villager should declare a few new DIY recipe ideas. Additionally, you can bring the items back to your island and try to catch flies. Of course, the usual materials can also be grown on this island.

8 bamboo island

The last type of tree, bamboos, can only be found on their own special mystery island. Hitting these trees will give you both Bamboo Chunks and Young Spring Bamboo Chunks, which can be used in a variety of DIY recipes. There are also bamboo shoots buried in the ground next to the trees. These can be taken back to your island and planted to start your own collection.

It’s important to note that while Bamboo Island and Bamboos can be found year-round, Young Spring Bamboo is a seasonal material, so harvest it while you can.

7 Rare Flower Islands

Crossbreeding flowers to create hybrids can take a ton of time and isn’t always guaranteed to work. If you happen to stumble upon an island with rare flowers, your chances of spawning more hybrids are better.

The Rare Flower Island will contain your native flower types in their rare colors. Tulips, for example, will display black, orange, and pink on this island. They will be planted around a large round basin. In addition to collecting these rare flowers using a shovel, you can also catch insects that only appear near hybrid flower colors.

6 Foreign fruit island

Rather than your native fruit, this island will be filled with trees containing your “sister fruit”, according to famed data miner Ash Wolf (@_Ninji’s) mystery island guide. Nineteen fruit trees can be found on this island filled with three fruits per tree.

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Harvesting and selling foreign fruits is a very popular way to earn some quick cash, as these fruits sell for a higher price at your local Nook’s Cranny.

5 Tarantula/Scorpion Island

Tarantula Island and Scorpion Island are straight out of a nightmare, but the visits are worth all the money. Between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m., you can try your luck at catching a full inventory of these dangerous creatures. There seem to be a few different variations of the official tarantula/scorpion island, but as long as the creature is in season, these will be the only insects to spawn here.

You can also try making your own tarantula or scorpion island by clearing everything on a regular mystery island. These bugs sell for a pretty penny at Nook’s Cranny, and for even more if you sell to Flick.

4 Great Fish Islands

There are two “big fish islands” to find, but both only spawn big fish, some of which are rare and hard to catch on the homeland. An island features a four-legged body of water in the center and rare flowers everywhere. The other island contains normal flowers but has a river flowing from the mouth into a roundabout on the island itself.

3 End Island

Fins Island is a very rare find, with only a 1% chance of visiting it, according to Wolf. The island contains a rectangular pond with cliffs in the center. This is usually normal, although the only fish that reproduce it are large finfish.

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This includes the infamous great white and hammerhead sharks, which are available from June to September in the Northern Hemisphere and December to March in the Southern Hemisphere. Visiting this island is a great way to donate to the museum or earn some quick cash.

2 Silver Rocky Islands

Every day on your own island, you can find a rock that you can hit to receive 16,100 bells. What if we told you that there are islands filled with multiple silver rocks? The first and most common silver rock island contains a very large pond with an island in the center. On the north side, you can smash a boulder to gain access to the central island and hit six silver boulders for a whopping 96,000 Bells return.

The second island, although a little rarer, has a ground floor filled with seven silver rocks and flowers. There are four cliffs in the corners.

1 golden island

This island is such a rare find as Fin Island, but it has a great reward. On this island you will find flowers, scorpions (hello extra money) and a large rectangular pond. Climb the cliff and drop down the back to access a small central island. There you will find a rock containing eight gold nuggets, a very rare crafting material.

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