There are quite a few medium and large "all-inclusive" style hotels that fly charter plane loads of tourists in each week however you will not find them listed here. We acknowledge that they exist however they have had a definite negative effect on the small businesses that have always made up the ambience of Playa El Agua. If you are interested in this type of hotel then we suggest that you return to your search engine and try some other sites.


Recommended by Islands Magazine
"WHAT WE LIKED:...The price is right at Casa Trudel, a friendly two-story villa... (from $33 per couple).

We can recommend Margarita Tropical Villa (Casa Trudel) located
within easy walking distance to Playa El Agua beach.

Margarita Tropical Villa
(formerly Casa Trudel) 
Playa El Agua, Isla Margarita

Margarita Tropical Villa located in a private 2 story villa about 200 yards from the main entrance to the beach.
This property has been run by a Canadian, Dan O'Brien, who came to Margarita from Toronto in 1987
and has been operating his B&B since 1989.
Prices are very reasonable starting at US$30 single & double and include a free breakfast,
kitchen, A/C, pool, fridge, microwave, free Internet, Wi-Fi & DirecTV.

Visit his site for much more information including a great FAQ page that has answers to many common questions about the Island and getting here. He has even included a page about living or working on Margarita Island for those of you contemplating such a move or planning an extended stay.

He also acts as representatives for some of the most popular activities on the Island. if you are interested in scuba diving, snorkeling or a combination of deep sea fishing and snorkeling check out his scuba page. If you would like to have a day of more serious deep sea fishing he can set you up with an a captain for a day of trolling. He also can arrange a day of unique horseback riding at the famed Cabatucan ranch in a remote area of Macanao, the far western end of Margarita island.

To contact Dan e-mail him at 





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