Mario Party: Island Tour – review | Super Mario

What is the story

The first Mario Party game is out in 1998 on the Nintendo 64, and the basic format has remained the same ever since. Multiple players, or single player, against game-controlled characters. Roll the dice and move around in a simple board game, with regular mini-games to provide more fun and items that can affect what happens on the tray.


This version includes several boards that vary the formula, perhaps with numbered cards instead of dice, or the opposite objective of being last at the finish line, and a wide selection of mini-games that use the touchscreen and other 3DS features. The single-player campaign is a chain of these mini-games.

Highs and lows

A few mini-games are quite enjoyable when played against other humans, which is why Nintendo was right to allow multiple players with their own 3DS to play with one cartridge. But the slow animations and lines of text between turns make the already mundane board games far from worth it.

The verdict

Players can choose parts they want to play, but those who follow this logic may end up only sticking to a few of the minigames. It might be worth a try for those who can find a friend who already owns the game, but it’s definitely not worth buying.