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Residents saddened by closure of North Derbyshire playground demand more facilities for children

Bolsover District Council has taken the ‘difficult decision’ to close Cross Street playground in Hillstown, near Bolsover, due to older children causing a nuisance, taking drugs and damaging equipment .

Scarcliffe Parish Council are taking legal action, but as things stand the play equipment must be removed within four weeks.

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Hillstown residents say they are saddened by the closure of a playground that has been plagued by anti-social behavior.

Many residents say they can see both sides of the argument.

Ryan Edward, posting to our Facebook page, said: “I appreciate both sides, but does anyone really think this action will solve anti-social behavior?

“It will be back to the wasteland/parking lot and will most likely remain a meeting point for all miscreants. Solve the problem not the symptom.”

Tracey Holmes posted: “So typical of authorities these days, too scared to tackle the real issues.

“Rather deprive young people who are probably using the playing field as it should. There is practically nothing to do for young people as it is.

Francesca McCann added: “Why close a park? Why not open a youth club or encourage sports clubs?

Bolsover District Council said its decision followed ‘a catalog of incidents of nuisance, anti-social behavior and criminality’, including the use of violence, threats and criminal damage aimed at local neighbors and the community, as well as allegations of drug use.

A spokesman added: ‘Attempts to resolve the issues over the past 13 months, using both the council’s own powers and in conjunction with the police and the tenant, have unfortunately been unsuccessful in resolving the issues. problems that persisted. Forfeiture of the lease was a last resort.

“It is unfortunate that a minority of irresponsible park users behaved in a way that led to this decision being made.

“The District Council is taking this action in accordance with its duty to prevent crime and anti-social behavior and to help protect local communities from such behaviour.”