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While on the Disney Wonder for the four-day podcast cruise in May, I noticed an entry on the navigator for our day at Castaway Cay (Day 3). It said 5 km of running, 8:30 am, meeting at the footbridge. Now I had heard about this race from previous cruisers and had heard that you could get out on the island before everyone else. Plus, it would be a good way to kick off some of the extra calories I consumed on the cruise. OK, that’s one of the reasons I run – so I can go sightseeing on foot. So come with me on a guided tour of Castaway Cay.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day on Castaway Cay. It was sunny and 80 degrees, incredibly humid, but still not unbearably hot at 8:30. There were about 10 of us who came out for the run this morning, including at least 4 or 5 fellow DISers from the Podcast Cruise. The race was not a race, but a guided 5 km ride along the island with a Cast Member. Our guide was Jacyln, the captain’s personal assistant. Jaclyn does the Castaway Cay 5k loop a few times a week, and she also runs in Nassau, the Disney Wonder’s other port of call.

We headed to the Castaway Cay map first, and Jaclyn walked the course with us. Jaclyn explained to us the dangers of running on Castaway Cay and explained that we will have to dodge many people along the way. She also told us which paths to avoid so as not to be hit by the tram. Finally, Jaclyn told us that there was water all along the route housed in coolers designed to look like cargo crates.

We started our run on the map of Castaway Cay, passed the boat charter and the trolley stop. We walked through food areas, past Cookie’s Bar-BQ and into retail stores. Of course, nothing was open at the time. When we got to the bike rental we pushed right and headed for the airstrip. We ran along the Castaway Cay airstrip past the “wreckage” of an old plane.

Along the way, I got to run with a few DISers, including my colleague Muddy Buddy Don (dpuck1998), Karen (klam_chowder), and Frank (FireDancer). After the airstrip, the rest of the race was along the Castaway Cay bike paths.

When we reached the end of the bike path, there was a great view of a quiet “deserted” beach. This view alone was worth the effort of the run.

Now was the time to loop back and return to the ship. Below are views along the bike path during the race.

We ran back down the trail and there were some great views of the ship if you wanted to stop and take pictures. At this point, I needed to join my family on the boat. [My wife was waiting for me for our Palo Brunch.] Then we made our way through shops and restaurants to the ship where we started. It was a great race. It was a great way to wake up, and besides, how many times can you run on a tropical island? Running was a particularly good way for me to orient myself to the island since I had never been there before. If you are a morning person and like to exercise, I would definitely try this 5K. Plus, at the end of the day when I got back to my room, I had a lovely certificate to mark the occasion.

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