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The tour of the three islands of Siargao – SUNSTAR

WHERE I was raised, I was surrounded by beaches and islands. But, I wasn’t necessarily an island or beach boy, it wasn’t until I had to leave my hometown for college that I realized my love for the sea and appreciated the beauty of it. a salty life.

When it comes to beaches and islands, I always consider the white sand shores and rich islands of Mati as benchmarks and standards.

We are on the island of Siargao last November with my friends. I have always associated Siargao with surfing, but nothing with its beautiful islands. So when I heard we were going to try their three island tour, I wasn’t expecting much until I saw its beauty unfold before me. The visit to the three islands was definitely worth it.

Let me share with you my thoughts on these three islands we visited in Siargao.

naked island

This is usually the first stop on the Siargao island hopping all day tour. But you can choose to change the usual route according to your plan.

Naked Island got its name because it literally has nothing but a patch of sand in the middle of the sea. No shade, just white sand surrounded by crystal clear waters.

We only stayed here for a few minutes after a quick dip and some pictures.

A short boat ride from General Luna, Naked Island is the place to go for sun, sand and swimming.

Daku Island

This island is endowed with a forest of tall coconut trees, clear waters and a white sand beach.

Daku Island’s name is derived from a Bisaya word meaning “big”. I asked a local here why it’s called Daku and he said it’s probably because this island is the biggest among the famous three islands of Siargao.

Apart from its beautiful landscapes, the island is a famous lunch stop among tourists. There are huts here where you can grab a shade and dig your island party lunch. For our lunch our guide prepared a boodle fighting feast with plenty of calamari, grilled chicken and pork, shrimp, tuna, adobo, mango, pineapple, watermelon and drinks.

Wandering around the island, I came across locals busy making cold buko drinks which are sold at P50 each. It’s a perfect drink to complete your island getaway.

Guyam Island

This part of the island hopping tour is my favorite. Guyam offers you different relaxing beach vibes that make you more relaxed and refreshed.

We stayed here for about three hours relaxing with the speakers on. When you arrive, all you have to do is find a place where you can rest. Whether on a hammock or wooden chairs or mats on the sand, you just have to choose.

There is also a small cafe serving refreshments and fruit shakes, a perfect companion for the sunny and hot weather.

In the middle of the island, you can also find a basketball hoop where tourists can play with some locals.

Imagine, you are resting on a hammock under the shade of green palm trees, drinking your favorite cold fruit shake, listening to your favorite acoustic playlist while having a view of the blue waters of the island and the white sand beach. Perfect.

We ended our island hopping tour kissed by the sun and satisfied. It was a day trip that gives me more reason to love the salty life more.


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