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Timberline, OR 2022 Master Plan: New Express Gondola, Updated Facilities, New Beginners Area, and More

the Timberline Master Development Plan (CDM)) is intended to be the guiding document for the future development of Timberline. This MDP exclusively evaluates the resort’s facilities directly linked to the operation of the ski area. Summit Pass’ vision is to continue to operate the facility as a family-oriented, affordable and friendly community ski resort, while improving facilities to support the vision of connecting Government Camp to Timberline. Success strategies will be built around improving infrastructure, transportation, access, and providing a quality customer experience that reduces the hassle factor and current reliance on cars for traffic in the city. region.

“Our Timberline 2022 Development Master Plan was recently reviewed and accepted by the US Forest Service. Although he does not approve of any of the concepts selected, he recognizes that they are in line with the forest plan,” said Jeff Kohnstamm, president and regional operator. “I would like to thank all the wonderful people who contributed to this work, but in particular Jon Tullis and John Burton from Timberline, and the professionals from our SE Group partners. Please take the time to peruse it and, as always, we are interested in your feedback. We will have in-depth analysis and public awareness when it comes time to make specific proposals. In the meantime, we are excited about the future of our community which we envision as inspiring, balanced, inclusive, sustainable, livable and memorable.

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The Timberline Express Gondola is the cornerstone of Timberline’s upgrade plan. The gondola would not only provide direct aerial access to Timberline from the Summit Pass base area for guests and employees, but it would also reduce congestion on OR Highway 173 (the Timberline Road). This would serve as an introductory experience for a variety of guests to Timberline and MHNF, including beginner skiers, more advanced skiers traveling to Timberline, tourists exploring the area, people tobogganing or tubing, and more. The proposed gondola would start next to the existing lower terminal of the Summit Pass chairlift and would move guests to an upper terminal adjacent to the upper terminal of the Jeff Flood Express.


The Summit Pass base area, including the Summit Pass Lodge, parking facilities, and access and circulation roads, would be reconfigured to improve guest arrival and the overall tour experience for skiers using exclusively the Summit Pass lot as well as guests parking at Summit Pass to access the rest of the lot at Timberline. The Lodge and reconfigured base area strives to create connectivity with Government Camp, Mt. Hood and create a strong sense of place by honoring the area’s past architectural design.

The pavilion itself would be approximately 20,000 square feet. It would include space for food service and seating, ticket office, ski school, retail, washrooms, etc. The deck would provide additional seating opportunities in good weather. This bridge would provide direct access to the planned gondola and Summit Pass chairlift. A small rental and ski patrol building would be constructed close to the lodge to provide additional space for these services. The lodge would also help Timberline provide year-round recreation programs by providing space for guests and/or summer ski and snowboard camps for use during non-winter seasons. The Summit Pass Lodge design also includes a daycare for guests and employees.

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The planned Summit Pass Lodge would be built to enhance the role that Summit Pass will have as an entry point for the larger Timberline area. Guests can use the Government Camp Pedestrian Gondola Access, Drop-Off Zone, Timberline Shuttle, Mt. Hood Express Transit, or Parking Lots. The merger of the Timberline and Summit ski areas aims to change parking patterns to improve access and the visitor experience. After the completion of this plan, it is expected that most skiers and snowboarders will choose to park in the expanded Summit Pass base area, increasing the availability of the Timberline Lodge parking area for riders. hotel guests and tourists. Timberline’s parking capacity upgrades and resort access improvements would come primarily through planned upgrades to Summit Pass Lodge, upgrades to Molly’s Gate and the development of a larger parking plaza. Entrance to Timberline Lodge.


The mid-station of the gondola would provide access to a beginner ski area with two lifts, a planned slide site, an area for campsites and/or overnight yurts, and a small guest service facility. The customer service facility should include a food service, restrooms and a small food court. Future planning will define the design of this facility. A small casing facility would be constructed to service the casing area.

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With the threat of climate change, it is a real concern for us to ensure the snow cover of low mountain terrain, especially at the start of the season. An extensive snowmaking system is an important part of our plan. Planned snow cover would extend from the top of the Pucci chairlift to the base of the Jeff Flood-Still Creek chairlift, following Main Run Pucci to the lower Uncle Jon strip. An added benefit of this system would be the ability to combat the increased threat of wildfires in the summer.


Immediately south of the existing maintenance shop, Timberline needs to construct a building of approximately 5,000 square feet. The intention of the building is to house the personnel of the Department of the Mountain, thus separating them from the maintenance operations of the existing vehicles and consequently improving the working conditions. This new building would also make it possible to store the supplies and equipment of the Mountain Department currently stored outside in view of visitors. This building would be a simple one-story design, with a shed roof, cedar plank and batten siding, and Cascadian design features borrowing and complementing the design features of the Timberline complex.