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30 AHS facilities are experiencing temporary bed and space reductions

According to Alberta Health Services, 30 communities in Alberta are currently affected by health service cuts.

A number of these affected communities are in central Alberta: Rimbey, Rocky Mountain House, Sundre and Three Hills.

Every Monday and Thursday, Alberta Health Services updates a map on his siteshowing AHS facilities across the province that have, for a limited time, temporarily reduced beds and care spaces.

These temporary reductions are due to staff and physician vacations, planned upgrades and construction projects to improve patient and family experiences, AHS explains on the website.

“AHS is planning and preparing for bed reductions to minimize the impact on patients, staff and physicians,” the website states.

“AHS is making every effort to ensure coverage for staff and physicians before taking steps to reduce the number of beds and/or care spaces at any of our facilities. Temporary reductions are only made as a last resort.

At Rocky Mountain House Health Center, five of 31 acute care beds have been reduced. The expected end date is September 30.

At Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre, there are currently no obstetrics services available on site. The start date was September 20, 2021 and the expected end date is this coming Monday.

Obstetrics services have not been available at Myron Thompson Health Center in Sundre since April 6, 2020, due to a shortage of physicians caused by illness, leave, vacation and/or vacancies. The scheduled end date of this temporary reduction in service is August 29.

There are two service reductions at Three Hills Health Center: there are no obstetrics services available on-site and seven of 21 acute care beds are unavailable. Both scheduled end dates are scheduled towards the end of the month.

Additionally, AHS announced Wednesday that the Sylvan Lake Advanced Ambulatory Care Unit will be closed through Thursday. There was also a service gap scheduled for Saturday that AHS was working to fill.

Christina Gray, NDP Labor Critic for Alberta, said Albertans deserve a public health care system they can rely on.

“But after the UCP’s serious mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, its continued push to privatize services, and its sustained attacks on frontline health care workers, access to health care for Albertans is more compromised than ever,” Gray said.

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