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An intruder had to be evicted from the Love Island villa

An intruder breached security and had to be kicked out of the the island of love villa, says ITV. The break-in took place on Tuesday this week at the filming location of the popular show in the small town of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar in Mallorca.

Currently, there are 14 candidates in the the island of love villa, however tThe intruder would not have been in contact with any of them. the BBC reports that the intruder is a YouTuber, but they have not been named.

“Last night a security breach was identified and an intruder was evicted from the villa with immediate effect,” an ITV statement read. “As part of our strict COVID security measures, the area of ​​the villa that was entered was fully deep cleaned before being made accessible again to islanders and crew,” he continued. .

ITV added that the safety of the Islanders and the show’s crew remained its “primary concern”.

The sprawling villa, located on the east coast of the island of Mallorca, sits atop a very steep hill which you think might deter any potential infiltrators – but not in this case, it seems.

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Last night’s episode of Love Island was explosive as it saw Sharon and Faye kick off Hugo’s thoughts on women who have had plastic surgery. After describing her guy as “a long-legged blonde, not fake”, Sharon called him “ignorant”, before Faye added that he should “learn about why girls do job”.

It’s unlikely that tonight’s episode will make any mention of the intruder, given that they had no reported interactions with any of the cast. Anyone who decides to tune in to the show instead of watching the semi-final in England will see the two new girls, Lucinda and Millie, move into the villa – and the resulting shockwaves no doubt.

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