Announcing the 2022 Underwater Tour Awards

Organizers of the Underwater Tour Awards have announced the opening of this year’s photography competition. This year, in addition to the previous photo categories – Underwater Figures, Underwater Scenes, Overhead Scenes, Aquatic Abstracts and Underwater Black & White – the Guru Awards include a sixth category: Reportage. The new category aims to attract images that address “threats, activism and actions related to the health of marine and freshwater ecosystems”. As in previous editions, there is also an audience award and a Grand Guru award for the shooter who achieves success in several categories.

In addition to the Guru Awards, there is another ‘novice’ photo contest organized in partnership with the environmental movement Take 3 for the Sea. Open to anyone armed with a camera (even if it’s on a phone), the contest accepts submissions “above, in, around or under ‘water’ that” best communicate Take’s story. 3 for the Sea”.

The contest is open now until the September 19 deadline. See the press release below for more details.



Registrations are open from August 15 to September 19, 2022

The Underwater Tour Awards invite photographers from around the world to participate in a prestigious annual photography competition open to entries from August 15 to September 19, 2022.

Darren Jew, Canon Master and contest organizer shares the exciting news.

“The competition showcases and celebrates the art of aquatic photography, with stunning images that will take us on an underwater tour illustrating the wonders of life in aquatic environments. As partners, The Underwater Tour Awards and Take 3 for the Sea can amplify the wonders of the underwater world and allow everyone to “take 3” to protect it.

Added Jacquie Riddell, CEO of Take 3 for the Sea

“We too are very excited. ThisIt’s a perfect combination of like-minded organizations and people striving to achieve the same result. »

The annual awards competition engages with ocean lovers, inspiring adventure and discovery behind the lens and is the only international underwater photography competition that incorporates ethical review as part of the judging process as well as terms and conditions approved by Photo Watch Dog to ensure fair terms and conditions for both participants and organizers.

2021 Grand Guru Award Winner: Amanda Blanksby

Whats New for 22?

A big thank you to our 2022 award partners for providing great rewards to the winners of the 2022 Underwater Tour Awards and more announcements to come!

This year we have an amazing range of prices, including an underwater drone that can take your imagery and exploration up to 100m. So far confirmed equipment partners are QYSEA Underwater Drones, CameraPro, INON, SeaLife, Paralenz, Momento Pro and Henderson Greenprene – more to come – our amazing travel partners with more to come are Walindi Plantation Resort, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, Lady Musgrave Experience, Heron Island and Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort.

In addition to the annual image categories, photographers will find a brand new category: Reporting: threats, activism and actions related to the health of marine and freshwater ecosystems. Thes an opt-in for individual report cards for all entrants for these six award categories.

The ultimate prize, the Grand Prix Guru, will be awarded to the photographer who achieves a high level of achievement in 3 or more of the six contest categories.

Wekeep the entry fee at $25 per entry for image categories, with $3 from each entry going to Take 3 for the Sea.

The peoples Choice Vote will again be hotly contested this year, as shortlisted contestants compete for the crown of most popular entry.

Additionally, a new Take 3 contest will boost engagement within the wider ocean-loving community. Open to everyone, shot with any camera or device, this new competition for novices embraces the Take 3 for the Sea message. Photos can be taken over, in, around or under any marine or freshwater area and will be judged by Take 3 on how best they communicate Take 3 for the sea”. 100% of the $3 entry fee for this particular contest will go to Take 3 for the Sea.

For more information on the competition timeline, categories and prizes, visit underwatertourawards.com.au.

Thank you from the Underwater Tour & Awards team – Juliette Myers, Tim Hochgrebe, Darren Jew, Jasmine Carey and Greg Crow.

2021 winner in black and white underwater: Kristian Laine

2021 Aquatic Summary Winner: Richard Condlyfee

2021 Underwater Characters Winner: Luc Rooman

Topside Scenes 2021 winner: Pavlos Evangelidis