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Author King Kevin Dorival launches national Black Legacy tour in Chicago to fight Haiti’s economic enslavement by demanding change in inhumane policies

King Kevin Dorival, Black Legacy Tour. “Stop the war on Haiti”

We owe the brave women and men of the Haitian Revolution who fought for freedom for all, more than just sitting back and watching the powers that be devour Haiti alive. Several cruel policies must be dismantled and our voices must be heard at the United Nations and the African Union.

On Friday, May 27, 2022, King Kevin will begin The Black Legacy Tour at the Haitian American Museum in Chicago at 10 a.m. CST. The mission of this tour is to obtain financial and moral support for fundraising from the international community to reduce the burden of paying 100% for every aspect of the national tour. Specifically, to bring the attention of U.S. Congress, United Nations, and African Union leaders to change the policies that have crippled Haiti economically, socially, and spiritually since the U.S. invasion of 1915. Ultimately, l objective is to restore what was taken and denied to Haitians – justice.

The troubles we see in Haiti began in 1650 and throughout the Atlantic slave trade. According to author, political scientist, activist and spokesperson for Haitian news, King Kevin Dorival, if nothing is done to curb this oppression that Haitians face daily, it will continue for another 1,000 years. Mr. Dorival chose Chicago to launch his Black Legacy tour in the city founded by a successful Haitian businessman, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. He will explain in detail why he is committed to this humanitarian cause against the mistreatment of the Haitian people, shed light on their constant suffering and open the theft of his unlimited natural resources of iridium, gold and oil. precious.

This highly anticipated presentation will also discuss how U.S. Marines, under the orders of former President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, stole $11 million in gold from the National Bank of Haiti at New York City Bank and dissolved the Haitian parliament at gunpoint while massacring 15,000 Haitian resistance fighters. , as well as innocent bystanders from 1915 to 1934, according to Professor Noam Chomsky’s lecture at the MIT 2002 Tech Culture Forum with Dr. Paul Farmer. Then they overturned the 1804 Constitution created by General Toussaint and Jean Jacque Dessalines, who led the Haitian Revolution, the world’s first and only successful slave rebellion, and eradicated slavery. They further expelled over 10,000 French men and women from the island and prevented foreigners from owning land. The forced change to the Haitian constitution now allows them to own property, especially US business partners to buy thousands of acres of land. two decades after winning its freedom, in 1825 France pulled off the biggest heist in world history, surrounding Haiti with warships, forcing the tiny island to pay $21 billion in reparations to the former owners of slaves for his freedom, according to University of Virginia researcher and historian Marlene Daut in a 2021 NPR article. Black Legacy Tour audiences will want to know how the hell either of these events happened. was it possible? Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A segment of Mr. Dorival’s presentation which will also be held in Boston, New York, Oakland, CA, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, Memphis, and London; more cities will be added as the tour grows.

“If we do nothing meaningful about these policies toward Haiti, millions will continue to starve and be oppressed for another five generations,” King Kevin Dorival passionately declares in his viral video on oil-rich Haiti. , gold and foreign corruption. .

Placing all of this in contention, King will draw public attention to several cruel policies that must be dismantled in order for Haiti to be self-sufficient, prosperous and hopeful. Haitians deserve

finally breaking free from the shackles that keep the country from competing in the 21st century. There will be light refreshments during the event RSVP only, limited seating, which will be streamed live on Mr. Dorival’s social media accounts for the public to watch and ask questions on YouTube,

Facebook, Instagram and Zoom accounts; follow it for more details. The museum

is located at 4654 N Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60640.

It is a historical fact that Haiti represents the first and only time in history where slaves overthrew their oppressors to create their own country, and very few people are aware of it, according to CLR James.

monumental book, Les Jacobins noirs. Thanks to critical race theory, this number will be even smaller. Moreover, according to historical research by the National Council for Social Studies, most of us are unaware of the fact that the United States of America, the “Land of the Free”, actively practices neocolonialism and colonized Haiti in 1915. with the facade of the Haitian-American treaty. Nowadays,

every President of the United States has used heavy hands on Haiti for daring to fight and win its independence. We owe it to the brave women and men of the Haitian Revolution who fought for freedom for all.

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