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Broods to play venues across Australia on Space Island Tour – OUTInPerth | LGBTQIA+ News and Culture | OUTInPerth

Broods fourth full studio album space island set to be released in February 2022 following the success of their November single Heartbreak.

As one of Australia’s best-loved artists, Broods has also announced that he will be returning to Australia in March 2022, for their Space Island Tour, their first live broadcasts since 2019.

Heartbreak is a song that the band believe embodies a certain enchanted quality as the band delves into a complex subject matter. With serpentine grooves, shimmering textures and synths that evoke a bit of space-age psychedelia, Heartbreak fully embodies the prismatic musicality at the heart of space island.

“We wrote this from a place of determination. Determined to learn from the loss of my marriage and keep my heart open in its tenderest state,” Georgia said of the tune.

“When I say, ‘Let your heart break,’ I whisper to myself to stay present with the grief and turn it into empathy. It was a mantra for me when I first separated from my husband. A of our parents repeated to me daily at the beginning of my recovery.

Following the Space Island Chapter 1 video for Peace of mindSpace Island Chapter 2 is an animated video for Heartbreak directed by Dr D Foothead and produced by local producer Alex McCrossin.

“In the second chapter, we move away from denial and into the darkest corners of our grief,” Georgia adds, speaking of the video.

“Where the things that hurt the most become a guide to ourselves. They become the teachers who help us empathize with ourselves and, through this, connect us to a deeper caring for others. Letting your heart break is not only a fearless and liberating thing to do, but also an act of selfless love.

Broods’ Space Island comes out in February and catch the duo on tour in March. For more information, visit

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