Resort facilities

BSC CEO backs MPs calling for better driver facilities

BRITISH SAFETY Council has commented on the Transport Select Committee report published on June 1, which calls on the government to give the transport industry two years to provide suitable facilities for drivers to park, sleep and wash during overnight travel in the UK, and threatening to impose a tax on operators if he does not.

Mike Robinson, chief executive of the British Safety Council, said: “MPs are right to call for better facilities for lorry drivers, as the lack of good washing facilities, toilets and parking spaces not only deters people to join the industry, but the frankly sordid conditions force people. leave the area en masse. Last year, for example, almost a third of people who had just joined voted with their feet and left. This is having a ripple effect throughout the supply chain, exacerbating the cost of living crisis and the government needs to work harder with the sector to up its game and better retain its workforce.

“MPs’ proposal for a new levy on industry, if it fails to deliver better facilities, should be seen as a last resort given the current rise in operating costs. Setting minimum quality standards for driver facilities, including female drivers, makes sense. The government should take note of this important report and act on its recommendations.

Read the Transport Select Committee report here: