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Carmona villagers will approach PMO for not having access to recreational facilities

May 04, 2022 | 06:37 IST

Carmona villagers will approach PMO for not having access to recreational facilities

Team Herald

MARGAO: Taking serious note of the cut off of access to recreational facilities, including community toilets, by the Chinchinim Primary Health Center (PHC), the villagers of Carmona have now decided to approach the Prime Minister (PMO ) to seek justice.

The villagers claimed that they had tried to knock on the doors of the director of health services, the department of education, the zilla panchayat and even the local panchayat, and that they had no choice, they would approach the PMO.

As alleged, they were cut off from access to recreational facilities including kiddie rides, walking paths, community washrooms etc.

Speaking to the media, Allwyn Jorge, former sarpanch of Panchayat Carmona village, said apart from the red tape that runs through various departments, Chinchinim PHC is defying the instructions of the department of education and the zilla panchayat to maintain the establishment. open for the benefit of the elderly and children.

“It is very regrettable that Chinchinim PHC, which has been allowed to use two rooms in the building, is acting like the owners of the entire premises by depriving the villagers of the use of the facility apart from the very instructions of the office. of the zilla panchayat who used zilla funds for public purposes to keep the facility open to local children,” he said.

He further said that children who used the play jumpers in the evening, elderly people who used the walking track in the early morning and evening as well as children who played badminton are left stranded outside the hotel. installation because the installation is illegally locked by Chinchinim PHC without any permission from the owners. He alleged that the Chinchinim PHC made false claims of damage and hooliganism against the villagers.

Jorge said: “Approaching the Prime Minister’s Office will be our last legal resort, after which we will have no choice but to approach the judiciary for justice,” he said.