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Casa SPIN: Anton Danyluk tells the story of the 2019 Love Island villa burglary

Anton Danyluk on Casa SPIN

the island of love Anton Danyluk has revealed that there was a burglary at a villa when he was on the show.

He told the story during a conversation with Tara Walsh and Marty Guilfoyle on SPIN House.

He explained that the villa is surrounded by a “full security team, I’m talking about hundreds of security personnel”.

“The villa is in the mountains like nothing in sight, just fields.”

“Even when we were leaving and coming back, you had to check like the cars, and you had to go through the barriers and so on.”

“It was a real secure place,” he insisted.

“So towards the end, it must have been the last week or two, we were just sitting, relaxing on the beds and someone just came running across the fields where the pool is, jumped in the pool and took a selfie.”

“I landed in the pool, then I came out and ran in the fields.

“I think it would have been paparazzi to sell the pictures.”

“So it was very, very common, there were paparazzi walking around and trying to take pictures.”

“Or the helicopters would go around too… dads taking pictures from helicopters.”

Anton revealed, “We would have to go inside if that happened because they would try to see if anyone had been rejected.”

“Because obviously we’re a day ahead, so if they had a picture and maybe they saw that somebody wasn’t there, they might have been like, ‘Oh, they have been eliminated.”

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