Comedy tour brings talent from Seattle to British Columbia

Bigger names in some big venues are sure to get the laughs bigger with the latest BC comedy tour

OK, Dope is bringing Seattle comedian Bo Johnson to the province. The comedian from Washington will be joined by Dan Duval and Nash Park from British Columbia.

Johnson, who has appeared on Just for Laughs and Comedy Central, is headlining British Columbia with 16 shows in 13 days.

“One of the best things about being a stand-up comedian is traveling to so many different places and sharing your craft with the people who live there,” Johnson said. “There’s something really special about coming to a city you’ve never been before, seeing people you’ve never met and, through comedy, connecting with them in a way really powerful.”

Johnson was a big win for the third OK, Dope Stand-up Tour and its founder and host Park is incredibly excited to perform alongside him.

“From the beginning, the goal of this tour was to bring the best comedy possible to areas of the province that don’t normally get to see it,” Park said.

Comedian Duvall, who is an alumnus of the OK, Dope Stand-up Comedy Tour, which headlined the tour in April, is also back on the tour.

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