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Dawn Chorus: Open Thread – Studio Tour Bird Art

Our friend funningforrest was supposed to host the Chorus today (and actually queued it a few weeks ago) but we have a slight change of plans. ff checked in to the Daily Bucket yesterday to say he has been in hospital for 5 days following emergency surgery. He said he was offline at the hospital, and even if he wasn’t, I doubt it’s a great day for him to respond to comments. It would be a shame if his beautiful diary were published without his participation. So I hope people won’t mind if we postpone her Dawn Chorus for a few weeks.


We send our best wishes to the birds for a quick and simple recovery, funningforrest! Rest, obey the doctors, and we look forward to seeing you back with us when you feel better. Looks like you’re in good hands and things will be better now.

So in the meantime, I’m throwing an open thread for our Dawn Chorus today. For photos, I turn to the 25th Annual Studio Tour we have over Labor Day weekend, on the island where I live in northwestern Washington. It’s an event where people drive to the studios of island artists to see where they’re working, chat with the artists, and maybe buy their creations. There is a whole range of media, subjects and styles. Several of my close neighbors make wonderful bird-related pieces. Below are photos of some of them, taken from their personal studio pages and what I have at home.

My good friend and neighbor Nancy Bingham is primarily a ceramist who creates what she calls functional pottery (plates, bowls, cups, etc.) but she also paints watercolors.

Nancy and her partner live in Guatemala during the winter – see how her color palette changes
Candlestick: earth, air, fire, water


On the road, Rick Wigre works in a variety of media. I love this painting of snow geese.

(there are more than 5 geese here)


Karen Hattman lives a few houses from me. I really like his work, which is mainly composed of birds, watercolor and woodcarving. Here are some of his creations.



What’s new in your bird world this week?