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Dierks Bentley Beers On Me Tour Opens Treasure Islands Amphitheater 2022 Season

Dierks Bentley traveled to Treasure Island on the first stop of his Beers On Me 2022 tour, bringing ACM Award winner Ashley McBryde as opening guest.

Shane Martin got the One Man Band style before the party

Technically speaking, local artist Shane Martin warmed up the crowd on the pre-party side stage. Shane usually has his bandmates with him, but not today. Shane was the full act himself, or as he calls it the one-man-band style. Singing a mix of country music favorites along with some of his original music. Shane presented his new single “Candles on the cake”, which fell earlier in the day.

Ashley McBryde, Treasure Island, Country, Dierks
Ashley McBryde opens the evening for Dierks Bentley

Ashley McBryde had the honor of kicking off the evening on the main stage. Unfortunately for the crowd, which slowly drifted through the amphitheater, missed one hell of a show from this badass.

It was probably the 5th or 6th time I saw Ashley and her band play. Her show has definitely improved since I first saw her several years ago opening for a small festival in the North.

Some things that haven’t changed are her beautiful voice and the sense of humor she carries throughout her performance. Whether it’s his tongue in cheek talking about how a few of his songs were written in the hotel room or his music on stage. This lady is definitely not shy in front of the camera.

Dierks Bentley, Treasure Island, Country
Dierks Bentley on the opening night of his 2022 Beers On Me Tour

Finally, it was time for Dierks Bentley to take the stage. It was actually my first time covering him and all I can say is that this guy is a huge ball of energy. Bouncing around the stage, jumping up and down, fist pumping and pounding the whole show. It was almost like watching a Country version of Bret Michaels.

Dierks came out blazing, starting the evening with his biggest hit, the No. 1 hit from his debut album “what i was thinking», followed by a more current hit «burning man.”

Dierks says to the crowd, let me introduce you to a member of the band since I won’t be talking too much. First, he talked a lot throughout the night. 2nd and especially this member of the group who is new to the Dierks and the crew has his own supporters. Dierks caught him for the entire summer program. Dierks finally introduces Charlie Worsham, who is well known in the country circle.

Later, Dierks brought Ashley back and that’s where she stole the show, as her vocals took center stage over everyone as they did a cover of Charlie Daniel’s”The devil came down to Georgia“, with Dierks song”bad angel.”

Dierks Bentley, Country, Treasure Island
Pictures of Brett Fercho

Just like the name of the Tour, Beer was on Dierk. The beer was on him (if you were in the front 10-12 rows of the stage.) Dierks handed or threw about 12 packs of beer. To say that the best beer is a free beer. He’s not wrong.

In the song “beers on me“Dierks mentions that the drinks have been flowing, but we’re not quite ready yet. Of course, the song he’s referring to is the last song of the night.

Halfway through the set, Dierks and the band took a break by pulling out a few stools and sitting down for a little acoustic set. Start both songs with “Many things to do“before asking the crowd what the next song should be, settle into”Settle for a slowdown” as the people’s choice.

Dierks Bentley, Country, Treasure Island
Dierks Bentley bounces off the Treasure Island scene

Dierks broke into the song “riserin tribute to the horrific shooting in Texas. Luckily, that was the only dark moment of the show.

The evening ended with a statement that I think we’re finally ready as Dierks burst into the Mega-Hit”Drunk on a plane.” Coming out on stage, a young boy wore a Top Gun shirt. I hope Maverick isn’t the one who got drunk on a plane.