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Drama unfolds at Love Island villa as movie night returns

the island of love

Luca Bish and Gemma Owen face trouble in paradise as tensions unfold after returning from movie night.

The segment allows islanders to see clips of antics that occurred when couples were tempted by newcomers.

Friday’s episode saw the contestants take part in a quiz to win the right to choose the dirty laundry to be shown on the big screen in front of everyone.

Gemma received the text message that read, “Time to get glam and hit the red carpet at the Mad Movies premiere!” #SpillThePopcorn #ITV2andChill”

After winning the quiz question, the boys asked to see a clip titled ‘She’s just not a fan of you’.

It featured Gemma hinting that her head might be turned by another boy while talking to Dami Hope and flirting with new boy Billy Brown in the kitchen.

After watching the clip, Luca said, “Damn heavy. I made myself look like a fucking p***k.

Speaking to Billy, he said: “I’m 100% talking about it. She’s just saying what everyone else is saying and telling me, which is you’re into her.

“You were flirting. I don’t care, you can fall for it, it’s Love Island but I was made to look like an idiot for it.

He added: “I can’t stand fucking liars. I’ve been made to look overprotective or whatever. If you want to flirt, I’ll flirt. Drop me a fucking bombshell here now.

The boys also earned the right to choose a second clip after winning another quiz question, this time choosing to see “I know what Ekin-Su did last summer.”

It showed the Turkish actress getting intimate at Casa Amor with another boy and later asking him to keep it a secret, after telling her partner Davide Sanclimenti that nothing had happened while he was gone.

In the beach shack, Davide said: “Apparently she had something at Casa Amor with that boy… the point is not that she had something, the point is that’s why you lied again. Why do you, Ekin-Su, need to lie to me?

Davide looked wary before taking up the challenge, telling the boys, “Don’t forget anything, in the end someone will foot the bill.”

The episode also saw islanders Josh Le Grove and Coco Lodge get rid of the villa after the public voted for their favorite boy and girl.

It was revealed at the end of Thursday’s episode that the boys with the lowest votes included Andrew Le Page and Deji Adeniyi while the girls with the lowest votes included Summer Botwe and Tasha Ghouri.

Love Island continues at 9 p.m. Saturday on ITV2 and ITV Hub.