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Ekin-Su reveals paramedics rushed to Love Island villa

Ekin-Su revealed that paramedics rushed to the Love Island villa after he suffered a panic attack in an unaired moment from the reality show.

The 27-year-old has become a household name with Davide Saclimenti after claiming victory in ITV’s summer sensation 2.

During the dramatic Casa Amor portion of the show, Ekin-Su was so worried that her partner’s head would be turned that the producers had to call for help.

Ekin-Su revealed that paramedics rushed to the Love Island villa after suffering a panic attack in an unseen moment from the reality show. Picture: ITV.

“You can’t pretend or act on it. If you act, your mask will eventually come off.

“At one point in Casa, the doctors came. I had a mini panic attack because I was worried about what Davide was doing… They told me I was fine,’ she told ITV’s Lorraine.

One of the show’s most intense moments saw Ekin-Su and bombshell Nathalia Campos face off in a pancake kitchen to impress Davide.

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Ekin-Su struggled with pressure from Casa Amor. Photo: ITV

Despite what viewers may think, the Turkish actress has no problem with the Danish model and has even complimented her pancakes.

“Natalia’s pancakes were good. They were different, mine was a healthy, less sweet version. She did well. We are well.

‘You must have those moments, but it’s all good. And everything is real, nothing to show. If that didn’t work… I wanted to go out at some point. If I couldn’t have Davide, I didn’t want anyone else,” she said.

Nathalia Campos tired of turning Davide’s head late in Love Island. Photo: Virgin Media 2

Admitting that the response to her win “has been absolutely overwhelming,” Ekin-Su is thrilled to have managed to find love in the villa.

She explained, “I am so grateful to have been on the show. I didn’t expect to find love, and I ended up finding the perfect man.

“Not only the perfect body, but the perfect man. I had no idea I had all this love and support. I am grateful to everyone – even my enemies! I’m on the moon.’

Ekin-Su and Davide landed their own TV show. Photo: Instagram.

Davide and Ekin-Su show no signs of slowing down after their victory. The couple recently announced that they will be traveling to Italy to shoot a documentary and are even considering moving in together.

“We decided to move in together. It’s official. We are thinking because we are going to be very busy with other things, end of September we are thinking of possibly moving to Essex where I am from.

“Davide hasn’t been to Essex, and I feel like it’s so nice because it’s near London, easy to get to, a bit of countryside, but also a bit of that nervousness. But I’m very, very excited for this,” she teased.