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Fans remained divided over the first photos of the new Love Island villa

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Fans remained divided over this year’s new Love Island villa.

It was announced earlier this year that Love Island will move to a new villa for this year’s series and will not be filmed in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca.

Photos of the new villa published by The Daily Mail, which can be seen here, have fans talking!

The images reveal some very iconic features from the series, including the fire pit where the spill takes place during the series.

The new villa also has an outdoor kitchen and a 20m swimming pool.

Construction is still underway on the new location, as we get closer to the start date for the new series in June.

Speaking to Reddit, fans of the show were split over the new footage.

“Looks way too small, especially the outdoor area. No grass, and almost no semi-private areas to chat,” one person wrote, while another said, “He has looks so cramped. Reminds me of a cruise ship rather than a villa.”

“Looks stuffy, when you pull someone in to chat you’ll probably pull the whole cast in to chat, interesting,” added a third.

However, others are excited about the change, with one user writing: “The old villa was getting repetitive. A change of scenery will be nice, but people hate change and will still be negative.

“I think if you look at the scale it doesn’t look as cramped as everyone thinks. Once I looked at the seats I realized how taller it was than it looks,” wrote another.

What do you think of the new villa?