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Five strong location ideas for the next “Love Island” villa

the the island of love the villa is moving. Well, the villa itself isn’t moving, but the show is moving from its previous location on the Spanish island of Mallorca. So obviously, there is a big question on everyone’s lips: where are the islanders going?

For now, the island of love bosses have not confirmed a new location. They said, however, that it’s highly likely the show will stay in Mallorca – and simply migrate to another villa. But let’s be honest, that would be boring. Very boring. Why not mix things up a bit? The show could definitely get a little revamp after seven years of pretty much the exact same format (and its fair share of controversy).

The new villa is expected to be unveiled later this year. In the meantime, we thought it would be at least a little fun to suggest potential locations for a funnier (and funnier) edition of the island of love in 2022. Here are five decidedly very plausible ideas.

Alton Towers

Photography: Lukasz Sadlowski /

Have you ever tried to chat with someone while hurtling down the 55 meter drop of the legendary Oblivion at Alton Towers? We didn’t, but we imagine it would be quite difficult. Staffordshire’s finest theme park would add a new difficulty to a frankly tired formula. Not only do compliments rarely seem subtle when shouted at the top of your lungs, but you’d have the extra nerves of dealing with notoriously gruesome rides like Nemesis, Congo River Rapids, and Galactica. Literally thrilling television.

london zoo

London Zoo penguins
Photography: Shutterstock

Watching the island of love it’s already a bit like observing another human species, so why not make this metaphor a little more… real? We’re sure attention-seeking islanders will relish the chance to show off both on camera and in front of a live audience of humans and animals at London Zoo. Invite David Attenborough aboard to recount the contestants’ bizarre mating rituals, and you’re in for some truly legendary TV.


Canna Island
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Canna in the Inner Hebrides has struggled to attract new residents for decades. We say ship some the island of love candidates to fall in love with the rugged natural beauty of the island and kick off Canna’s great revival. Sure, the islanders would probably have to learn Gaelic, ditch their tans and take up birdwatching, but it would be worth it to almost triple the island’s current population.

zip world

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At first glance, a disused slate mine in North Wales might not be as glamorous as a sun-drenched villa in the Mediterranean, but Zip World Llechwedd isn’t just any old mine . Full of ziplines, trampolines, and plenty of rock climbing and caving opportunities, it’s basically just a damn good time. instead of everything the island of lovemiserable drama, heartbreak and gossip, wouldn’t it just be nice to watch people having fun instead?


SpaceX rocket
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What better way to find love than by rushing into the void? A truly drastic shake-up to the Love Island formula would see the islanders soar off on one of Elon Musk’s space rockets to a galaxy-distant satellite. The host could be Musk himself, while the contestants face the challenges of crippling isolation and try to make a spacesuit sexy. As a bonus, this option keeps some of the most annoying people in the world (including, obviously, Elon Musk) away from the rest of us as much as humanly possible.