Granville Island Public Market Food Tour in Vancouver, BC

Even locals familiar with Oyama’s stall inside Vancouver’s beloved Granville Island Public Market are the place to go for deli may find the queue intimidating.

Loaded crates, filled with Oyama’s range of sausages, pates, cheeses – really, everything you need for the perfect charcuterie platter – beckon, offering a glimpse of things like juniper elk sausage, spicy capicollo, or bison pepperoni. Passersby will pause and crane their necks for a closer look, or join the queue to order a favorite selection or try something new.

But if you’re with the energetic woman wearing a bright red shirt with the Vancouver Foodie Tours logo on it, you’re about to have the kind of experience no regular customer can have at this stall or many. other stalls in Granville Island Market. As you pass the Oyama stall to post yourself just outside the market gates, he is handed a tray full of samples of seven different Oyama products, and you are about to taste each one.

Seriously, it’s like having a behind-the-scenes pass to the world-famous market and its acclaimed vendors.

Your bites of Rosette de Lyon (a cured salami with red wine and pepper) and schinkenspeck (a German-style prosciutto), which you can enjoy with chunks of fresh bread from a previous stop at A Bread Affair, just opposite the main hall, and maybe a few chunks of cheese from your visit to Benton Brethren, be part of the “pasture-style” traveling picnic you get when you take the Granville Island Public Market tour from Vancouver Foodie Tours.

Back from its pandemic hiatus, market tours recently resumed under the guidance of Vancouver Foodie Tours founder Michelle Ng, a local food enthusiast who has been spreading the gospel of getting to know Vancouver bite-by-bite since the company started in 2010.

In addition to bread, meat and cheese, the Granville Island Public Market Tasting Tour lets guests descend on all manner of stalls to munch on iconic Vancouver dishes like smoked salmon and the classic honey donut by Lee (made more famous decades after his debut by Seth Rogen, David Chang and Netflix). Try a plate of steaming noodles from Sen Pad Thai and choose your own artisanal truffle at the ChocolaTas stand.

Thanks to more than a decade of building relationships with vendors, the “Foodie” tour offers incredible insight into the place – even pulling back the curtain on some local insider information (like when a famous chain gets the crucial part of one of its most beloved dishes) and offering the chance to see the bustling market with fresh eyes.

Concrete example: how many times have you woken up the market and looked up at the ceiling? If you hadn’t noticed the huge pulleys, you will not only observe them well, but you will also learn why they are there. And do you know what is above many stalls?

The two-hour food tour is packed with tasty morsels of food—enough to serve as a full late breakfast or early lunch—and information about Granville Island, the market, and its foods, making it both delicious and informative.

Ng strongly believes that food brings people together, and while it’s often tourists who sign up for a food tour when visiting Vancouver, locals may also want to experience what it’s like to have access VIPs at some of the best restaurants in the market and taste their own city.

Vancouver Foodie Tours’ Granville Island Market tours are offered several times a week, usually beginning at 10:30 am. Tickets range from $79.99 to $99.99 depending on age and day of tour.

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