Resort facilities

GUIDE: Here are 20 senior residences serving Georgetown residents

Bader House of Georgetown Memory Care is one of many senior living options in the city. (Claire Shoop/Community Impact Journal)

As the number of older adults nationally and in the Georgetown area continues to grow, so does the demand for residential options. These facilities provide seniors with housing or services to help them age in their homes and communities. Learn more about how different facilities vary and meet the needs of older residents. The following list is not exhaustive.

Map definitions and legend

Independent living communities (brown) are for seniors with limited care needs. Most include amenities, such as fitness programs, housekeeping, communal meals, and more.

Assisted Living Communities (yellow) specialize in care and supervision. These establishments often offer a full range of amenities as well as limited medical assistance.

Memory care facilities (red) specialize in providing care to older people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive problems. Staff members are trained to help residents manage these illnesses.

Palliative care (light blue) is intended to relieve the symptoms and suffering associated with terminal illness in people who have six months or less to live. Patients must choose to forgo further curative treatment.

Nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities (dark blue) provide care for people with mental illnesses or disorders that require full-time medical supervision and care.

Mixed facilities (grey) offer all or some of these services.


1. Amberlin Georgetown (opening November 2022)

5101 N. Mays Street


2. Altus Hospice

285 SE Inner Loop, Ste 102


3. Bader House of Georgetown Memory Care

3600 Williams Drive


4. Brookdale Georgetown

2600 E. University Avenue.


5. The Delaney in Georgetown Village

359, boul. Village Commons


6. Georgetown Living-Alzheimers and Dementia Assisted Living

2700 Shell Road


7. Grand Living in Georgetown

1330 University Ave W.



8. The Hacienda in Georgetown (opening late 2022)

60, boul. Del Webb.


9. Kindred Hospice-Georgetown

2913 Williams Drive, Ste. 320


10. Merritt Heritage Elders Village

4700 Williams Drive


11. North Star Georgetown

2401 Westinghouse Road


12. The Oaks Gracious Retirement Living

3720 Williams Drive


13. Platinum Resort Assisted Living and Memory Care

208 Mesa Drive


14. Rocky Hollow Lake House

1650 RC 245


15. San Gabriel Senior Village Apartments

2101 Railroad Ave.


16. Sedro Trail Assisted Living & Memory Care

292 Sedro Trail


17. Sun City Texas

2 Texas Drive


18. Tiffin House Assisted Living and Memory Care

84 Woodcrest Road


19. Truewood by Merrill

4907 Williams Drive


20. Wesleyan Assisted Living and Memory Care

109 Estrella Crossing