Hella Mega Tour fans say ‘appalling’ security meant the show was ‘Hillsborough in the making’

Fans who came to see Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer on the Hella Mega Tour struck after a potential disaster was narrowly averted

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Green Day break show during the Hella Mega Tour

The organization and security of the Hella Mega Tour show at the John Smith Stadium in Huddersfield has been described as “appalling”.

Fans of Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer and Amyl and The Sniffers complained there could have been a potential disaster with thousands of people cramming the entrances, with many complaining on social media that security seemed rather insufficient.

The bands were criticized, along with stadium management and the local council, as rock fans complained that the concert had been canceled several times over the past three years, so there should have been plenty of time to “do things right”. .

Taking to Twitter, many attendees banged out scenes from the show, with surprise expressed that “no one was seriously injured”.

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Huge crowds arrived at the concert


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Fans complained about a lack of organization



One wrote on the social media site: “Absolutely appalling organization on the Hella Mega tour in Huddersfield. Surprised no one was seriously injured. And don’t get me started on the lack of women’s toilets . @JS_Stadium @KirkleesCouncil

Yorkshire Live reported that a disgruntled viewer told them the situation “looked like Hillsborough in the making”.

A source told them: “There are so many people that we cannot enter the stadium. There is no separation between people coming in and people leaving, just huge crowds facing each other and no one moves. It’s a miracle that no one got run over.

“I ultimately declined to go in because it looked a lot like a Hillsborough in the making.”

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong performs on the Hella Mega Tour


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She added: “People are getting angry. I saw a few people shouting about how little security there is and people booing as we waited to try and get in.”

Among those who expressed their ‘disappointment’ on Twitter at the ‘terrible planning’ was Northern__God, who wrote: ‘The planning of Green Day’s #HellaMegaTour in Huddersfield is nothing short of a prank; it’s a miracle no one has been crushed so far due to terrible planning by everyone involved @KirkleesCouncil @JS_Stadium”

Another added: “Since I haven’t seen a live band in 2 years but @Green Day were high level. However the event of #Huddersfield was so poorly organized it was dangerous and could have been avoided with good crowd/queue management. You were 3 years old. Do better. #hellamegatour

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy


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A third angry fan tweeted: “They’ve had 3 years to run Hella Mega at Huddersfield Stadium and it’s the worst run I’ve ever seen.”

A fourth had advice for others going to the show, while slamming the organisation: “Went to the hella mega tour in Huddersfield last night, if you go take plenty of water.

“People were having panic attacks and passing out. Green Day stopped the show twice. Brilliant show but not much safety and felt like crazy for a lot of people.”

Rheeces93 had a final word, tweeting: “#hellamegatour more like a hell of an unorganized tour.”

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