Here’s what happened when ArrDee wrapped up his ‘Pier Pressure’ tour at London’s O2 Academy Islington

It was a chilly Friday evening on April 1 when eager fans began to gather outside the front door of London O2 Academy Islington. The raindrops illuminated on their faces by the six shining light letters – ‘ARRDEE’.

Previous stages on ArrDee’s first UK tour included Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton. This London show being the penultimate stage of his Shore pressure tour gave the evening a special sense of accomplishment.

Once fans were inside the building, the rush to find the perfect spot began, lines for drinks formed and the rushing mix for the locker room was quickly deterred. Excited voices came through the walls waiting for ArrDee to arrive on stage. As if the anticipation wasn’t enough, DJ DUBL took to the decks to mix the perfect pre-show soundtrack, spinning hits such as 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and “Crank that (Soulja Boy )” by Soulja Boy, while also playing the likes of Drake, Pop Smoke and Saweetie.

Alongside DJ DUBL’s fire, the euphoric light show covered the entire stadium casting blue, purple and red lights for the entrance of Brighton-born rapper ArrDee.

Gradually, the crowd grew impatient with excitement, aided by the DJ chanting the rapper’s name, shaking the whole building with the amplified bass. Shortly after, the lights began to dim and tension built. An unforgettable entrance, ArrDee – sporting a Stone Island blue hoodie and cream cargo – jumped on stage to flash white beams and smoke machines blast through the air while performing his opening song “Locker”. Without hesitation, the audience sang through every lyric, not missing a single beat.

After performing her first song, ArrDee took a moment to stand in front of the crowd, scanning the faces of her fans, letting the monumental moment in her life truly settle. A moment of appreciation took place in the atmosphere.

Celebrating the huge success of his debut mixtape Shore pressure, ArrDee wasted no time browsing through his biggest hits on the album “War,” “Oliver Twist,” and “Wasted.” As the night progressed, each song brought more hype than the other. Quickly shifting from upbeat rap songs to a more emotional tune, ArrDee shows a more venerable side as he and the crowd shared an intimate moment on the song “Early Hours.” ArrDee said, “It wasn’t an easy song for me to write, let alone play.” A sea of ​​phone lights drowned out the darkness, and the audience happily supported the artist’s heartfelt play.

Growing more connected throughout the night, ArrDee dove into the crowd, floating among her fans while performing the song “Crown.” Screams echoed throughout the building and tug of war took place on his briefcase! Security looked uneasy, guiding him to the stage, trying to control the chaos.

As the show began to wind down, ArrDee momentarily disappeared behind the stage, leaving the crowd to roar for an encore. Within seconds, he jumped back to perform “Flowers (Say My Name)”, sending the crowd roaring.

DJ DUBL promoted ArrDee’s debut mixtape Shore pressure one last time, alongside ArrDee showing the love to his fans and the gratitude he held so close to his heart. They both signed on for the night, leaving fans in high spirits, cheering their way out.