Resort facilities

Hillside facilities planned for disaster preparedness upgrades

The Memo in Healesville will be one of the first to see improvements. 271901_08 PHOTO: STEWART ROOMS

Yarra Ranges Council community facilities will be made more energy efficient and disaster-ready following the announcement of state and federally funded upgrades.

As part of the Climate Resilient Buildings for Our Community project, work will also be undertaken on Monbulk Community Link, Olinda Recreation Reserve Pavilion and Gary Tait Pavilion, Kilsyth.

Yarra Ranges Deputy Mayor Johanna Skelton said work on the nine facilities would mean that in the event of a storm, heat wave, fire or flood, the community would have somewhere to go.

“When a disaster strikes and there is a power outage, the community needs a safe place to go, ideally close to home, where they can access supplies and talk to people who can help. help,” said Cr Skelton.

The projects are expected to be completed in early 2024, meaning every corner of the county will have a nearby facility that can run on battery power and generators.

“Each site will have its own specific improvements, but one of the goals of this project is to ensure that each building is well insulated and sealed, so that it needs less energy to operate and the air stays cleaner inside. It also means that in the event of a disaster, the on-site batteries – charged by solar power on the roof if the air quality permits – can operate longer,” said Cr Skelton.

“Residents will remember how important it was to have access to charging stations for phones, batteries, torches, radios and other devices following last year’s storm. Access to showers, water, a comfortable place to warm up or cool down and an information center will also be possible at these locations.

Financial support comes from the state’s Growing Suburbs Fund and the federal Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Fund.

“Thank you to the state and federal governments for recognizing the importance of this project, especially as we mark the first anniversary of the catastrophic June 2021 storms.”

On days with extreme or catastrophic fire danger ratings, or when major bushfire activity is expected in the area, leaving the area early is always the safest option.

Neighborhood safer places and fire shelters exist as places of last resort. Read more about this at and always have a bushfire plan ready to go.