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How much does the iconic Love Island villa cost and can you rent it?

As we tune in each evening to follow the latest action from the Love Island villa, we can’t help but wish we could also lounge around the infinity pool.

This year’s Love Island has already brought us drama, romance, and recoupments as we watch the islanders make or break ahead of the finale.

The iconic villa has been used for the hit ITV show Love Island since season 3 in 2017, but went on hiatus in 2020 when the show was filmed in Cape Town for a winter run.

Prior to season 3, another Spanish villa was used for filming – this villa has now been put up for sale for £3m.

If so, we expect the current villa to be worth it.

How much does the Love Island villa cost?

The poufs have known dramas in their time

The exact price for the current Love Island villa has not been confirmed – but it can be rented out to holidaymakers.

The Sun reported that the current villa costs £3,000 a week to rent, which would amount to a total of £144,000 a year if rented for a full year.

The exact price for the iconic villa is unknown – but with islanders returning every year and no sign of a change of location for next year, we’re sure the price is definitely in the millions!

Who owns the villa?

The villa is owned by multimillionaire Nikolaus Broschek, a 77-year-old German businessman who first bought the house in 2000.

Nikolaus lends the villa to ITV for a total of three months over the summer, giving the crew time to redesign the villa for the islander’s arrival and filming time.

Love Island Villa
MAIN: The Love Islands villa gets a makeover with a selfie mirror, crude artwork and secret drawers

Where is the villa?

The iconic villa is on the Balearic island of Mallorca and is far from main roads and towns.

The nearest town is Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, 3.6 km from the house.

Surrounded by trees, fields and tracks, it is certainly an isolated place, perfect to provide the necessary privacy during the filming of the series.

For anyone who wants an overview on Google Maps – you can find it by putting these coordinates in: 39.62305, 3.24972, labeled “Love Island UK Villa”.

When you find the villa on maps you can see the huge infinity pool, outdoor beds, beanbags and bunny seats, we see the islanders chatting.

Love Island Villa
Tourists can lounge by the pool during months when the villa is not in use by the film crew

Can I stay at the villa?

The decor of the villa is redesigned every year.

However, the iconic pool, fire pit, outdoor beds, beanbags, bedroom, and outdoor kitchen remain the same.

After the end of each series, the villa returned to what it was, ready to be enjoyed by regular tourists.

It’s no surprise that there’s a long waiting list of people wanting to vacation and relax at the iconic Love Island Villa.

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