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Happy Mondays star Bez previews wedding to longtime girlfriend

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Happy Mondays star Bez tied the knot to longtime girlfriend Firouzeh Razavi in ​​a wedding ceremony that saw him dancing down the aisle.

The Salford dancer, real name Mark Berry, wore a huge white hat and a white suit, and arrived at the scene seated in a green leather chair perched atop a horse-drawn trailer.

Sharing a handful of photos from the happy day, celebrity glasses box star Bez wrote: “It’s official Frou and I have finally gotten married.

“So I arrived, in style, with my horse-drawn friends sitting on 2 comfortable armchairs, with my witness Johnny to make an honest woman of today, Firouzeh Berry.”

His new wife Firouzeh, a singer and songwriter, also shared a photo from her wedding to Bez, writing, “Wow! I can’t believe a week has passed since we exchanged our wedding vows. Time really flies when you’re having fun.

Fans got another glimpse of the big day thanks to the Happy Mondays Twitter account, which shared video from the ceremony.

The assembled guests can be heard singing along Give me joy in my heart (Sing Hosanna) while Bez pulls out some of his signature dance moves.

Rowetta, also famous for Happy Mondays, shared photos of herself with Bez’s mom as well as a photo series of the ‘beautiful couple, families & friends’.

Earlier this summer, the group releases a new charity EP in memory of late band member Paul Ryder.

The musician and brother of frontman Shaun Ryder, was sadly confirmed to have passed away suddenly at the age of 58 on July 15.

So it’s great for Happy Mondays fans to see the band celebrating happier times together.

Congratulations Bez and Firouzeh!

Featured image: Twitter, @happymondays / Instagram @bezmondays