Jeff Bezos dealt with a ‘shopping’ visit when visiting Buckingham Palace | royal | New

Jeff Bezos, 58, who founded online retailer Amazon in 1994, spent up to an hour admiring prized possessions with his family during a tour of the Queen’s main residence in London. Mr Bezos, who is worth an estimated £123billion, managed to see an exhibit which included Her Majesty’s signature diamond tiara.

The tiara is even set with 1,333 precious jewels and 169 freshwater pearls.

Bezos, who also founded aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin in 2000, spent £90 per ticket to visit Buckingham Palace.

According to the Sun, Mr Bezos has also met Top Gun star Tom Cruise.

He was spotted alongside his partner Lauren Sanchez, 52, at a Mayfair restaurant, with the Golden Globe winner.

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Cruise, 60, recently played a part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, including at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

However, Mr Bezos’ visit to Buckingham Palace appears to have been well received by staff.

A source told The Sun: “Bezos’ visit is already jokingly dubbed a ‘shopping spree’ by palace staff.

“He showed particular interest in the throne room and the ballroom.”

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The Platinum Jubilee: The Queen’s Accession exhibition opened on July 22 and will remain open until October 2.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, standard adult tickets cost £30.

People aged 18-24 should pay £19.50.

Children and disabled visitors would pay £16.50.

And children under five can enter for free.