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Khansaheb Facilities Management Introduces Virtual Reality Into HSE Training

The latest technological advances in health and safety training are embraced by Khansaheb Facilities Management in the form of Virtual Reality (VR). The company uses virtual reality to deliver high-risk, interactive training such as electrical safety, working at heights, confined spaces, and manual handling using real-life situations experienced by employees on virtual reality headsets.

Virtual reality is well suited for health and safety training, with academic research demonstrating increased retention of critical safety knowledge when learned interactively through virtual reality. The increase in knowledge retention in turn has a significant impact on workplace safety.

The advantage of virtual reality is that it is not a real situation where possible injury could result. Instead, any wrong action can be handled safely and proactively. Virtual Reality is not a standalone skill module, but is introduced by Khansaheb Facilities Management as part of a blended learning approach.

This approach includes theoretical and experiential components. The theoretical components are the bespoke IOSH Supervising Safely course for supervisors and the KFM Working Safely course for frontline officers designed to impart the necessary knowledge, on which learners are then assessed. This is followed by a VR experiential component using headsets. Learners simply log into the platform configured on the headset and receive training as if they were in a real work environment.

The training software records all actions and decisions taken by the learner while in the virtual scenario and provides real-time feedback. Analytics will clearly identify if errors are repeated or if similar risks are identified. This could most certainly bring out another training need. For example, if a working at height environment is simulated and people are found to be making the same mistakes, the hazards or risks can be identified and appropriate training suggested to remedy the problem. It may even be that only a refresher course as opposed to more intensive retraining is needed.

Speaking on the initiative, Managing Director Oliver Sawle said: “Health and safety is of paramount importance to us at Khansaheb. Virtual reality interactive training makes for a very comfortable environment where employees are not afraid to make mistakes, which enhances learning. We are excited to embrace this new technology and look forward to training our staff to provide the highest level of security to our employees, customers and end users.