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Kingscote Football Club working hard on improving oval facilities | the islander

Kingscote Football Club are in the middle of the range of improvements to the oval.

Improvements that will not only make the club room more enjoyable for members, but also the entire Kangaroo Island community in times of disaster and celebration.

Last year the club won two grants for the first stage of repairs to club rooms, which were used as a last resort refuge and emergency relief center during the 2020 bushfires.

And just last week it was announced that the club had been awarded a $99,542 Preparing Australian Communities program grant.

It should be noted that the council is responsible for the adjacent clubhouse building, which includes the club changing rooms which are in dire need of repair, and the basketball court/exhibition space.

A committee is conducting a feasibility study and drawing up plans to replace the current pavilion. More on that later.

Club chairman Mark Virgo encouraged everyone to stop by for a beer during a football game or contact one of the club members to check on improvements.

New club members, especially soccer and netball players of all ages, are welcome.

Club rooms, which are available to rent for functions, also became the focus of relief efforts in early January after the western end of the island was destroyed by fire.

Already completed, the stage one improvements were made possible by $52,774 from the AFL Community Relief Fund and $15,000 from the KI Mayoral Bushfire Fund.

These were used to renovate and extend the bathrooms in the club rooms, including new vinyl flooring/walls, new separate men’s urinals, new wet room/changing room for parents , new toilets, new partitions and an additional toilet in the women’s bathroom.

There was also the removal of old flooring and the installation of new carpet squares and hybrid flooring in the main club area and vinyl flooring in the bar and kitchen.

The interior walls of the club rooms have been repainted.

A separate grant was also obtained through the Powering Communities program for $6,200 to install a 12 kW solar system.

ISLAND SHELTER: The grounds of Kingscote Oval is the Kangaroo Island Council designated location for the emergency rescue center and refuge of last resort. Photo: Stan Gorton

And now the club has an additional $99,542 to spend thanks to the Federal Emergency Preparedness Program grant.

This will be used for the second stage of club room repairs, including the installation of a new plasterboard ceiling.

A new external cold room and lean-to shelter will also be built, new beverage fridges and new air conditioners will be installed, new furniture, rewire and install new LED lighting.

The club also recently secured an Active Club Grant through the Department of Recreation and Athletics for $3,000 as a contribution towards the purchase of new club jerseys.

In the meantime, the netball courts have been resurfaced thanks to a Bushfire grant from the Mayor Fund, which has improved the grounds around KI.

  • The AFL Community Relief Fund – $52,774
  • KI Municipal Fund – $15,000
  • Australian Community Readiness Program – Local – $99,542
  • Community Feeding Program – $6,200
  • Active Club Grant $3,000

Upcoming future plans

The club are planning the third stage of the repairs, which includes the installation of new 25-metre light poles and LED lighting, which will provide 150 lux illumination and a safety dimming option and l installation of a new oval fence.

A steering committee has been set up with representatives from Kingscote Football Club, KI Basketball Association, Kingscote Show Society, Kingscote Netball Club, Kingscote Cricket Club and Kingscote Gymnastics Club.

This committee is conducting a feasibility study and developing plans to replace the current pavilion.

It is proposed that this facility include a new multi-purpose two-court basketball stadium, unisex locker rooms, catering facilities, a sheltered viewing area under cover.

There would also be a multi-purpose area, which could be used as a meeting/assembly area in future major incidents.