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Liam ‘disappears’ from Love Island villa after steamy dates with Ekin-Su and Afia – leaving fans confused

LOVE Island fans have been left baffled as Liam ‘disappears’ after enjoying dates with bombshells Ekin-Su and Afia.

The Welsh lad, 22, activated the spell last night as he tried to impress newly singles on his double date.


Love Island fans left baffled as Liam ‘disappeared’ after double date1 credit
The Welsh student had a hot date with Ekin-Su


The Welsh student had a hot date with Ekin-Sucredit“>1 credit

The first was his date with debutante Afia and the masters student did everything to impress her – even making her laugh when he said he had no idea where to stand. found Waterloo.

Next up was Turkish beauty Ekin-Su, the couple got along like a house on fire and there seemed to be chemistry.

But when the trio returned to the villa, Liam seemed to have disappeared.

He was off their radar as they immediately swooped in on Italian beaus Davide Sanclimenti, 27, and Andrew Le Page, 27.

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This led to fans joking that he left the villa.

One wrote: “Wait, where did Liam go? He’s been missing since their date. Is he okay?”

Another posted: “Is Liam missing?? #LoveIsland”

A third commented: “MISSING PERSON: I was looking for Liam, went on a date with a woman and haven’t seen him since. #LoveIsland”

A fourth added: “MISSING: LIAM where did he go after these dates? #LoveIsland”

It comes after 19-year-old Gemma set her sights on Davide while being hooked up with Liam and ended up re-coupling with the Italian hunk earlier this week.

But Davide and Gemma’s mating hit the rocks last night as Ekin-Su Culculoglu set his sights on the businessman.

The couple spent the morning training together in the garden, much to Gemma’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, fans believe they witnessed ‘the most embarrassing moment in history’ last night as Gemma questioned Davide.

In goofy and frankly bizarre scenes, the 19-year-old asked the 27-year-old Italian stud to use three words to describe her.

Davide looked completely bewildered and fell silent before insisting that it was too late at night to play these games.

After a painful pause, he finally shared his thoughts in the ego-boosting game.

Those watching the show at home couldn’t cope with the moment, with one viewer moaning: “I still can’t forget that Davide couldn’t come up with THREE words to describe Gemma…..the awkward silence was SO STRONG !! ! #loveisland.

Another tweeted: “Davide’s awkward silence thinking about 3 words for Gemma #LoveIsland.”

While someone else wrote: ‘This awkward silence between Gemma and Davide has me cackling #LoveIsland.’

Later that evening, the islanders gathered for a game of beer pong, with each precise throw prompting a challenge.

Ekin-Su used her boldness to perform a seductive dance on Davide before kissing him on the cheek.

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Speaking in the beach hut after the task, she said: ‘Who else would I want to rub my booty with, you know, the cute little eight-pack!’

However, Davide’s flirtations only seemed to push Gemma away and head towards Luca.

And she admitted that she has feelings for him, which are very mutual.

He also charmed newcomer Afia


He also charmed newcomer Afia1 credit
But the bombs immediately dropped him when they came back to the villa


But the bombs immediately dropped him when they came back to the villa1 credit

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