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“Love Island villa has had a snake outbreak – but Jake isn’t the biggest reptile anymore” – Jessica Boulton

After last night’s drama sent Priya and Brett packing, there’s a whole new batch of snakes crawling to drive the knife in, says Mirror’s Showbiz editor Jessica Boulton (Features)

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Love Island Villa mayhem as Faye analyzes islanders’ votes

We have all been there. You’re all set for an all-inclusive vacation package at a luxury resort.

You’ve imagined it all: Days spent laying the pool, evenings spent eating fresh under the stars…

Then you get there.

And you realize that you forgot all about the one thing that could really ruin everything.

No building work, no bugs, no spotty wi-fi but….

The other people.

Yeah, if there’s one thing that could turn paradise into paradise lost, it’s having to spend 24/7 with a bunch of people you normally couldn’t handle for the duration of a TikTok video, not to mention a break in the sun.

So pity those who booked themselves into the Love Island villa: they spent way more than the average two weeks. And while the digs were luxury, some folks were, well, a little less basic.

Faye is back on the warpath after Priya drops her truth bomb before leaving the Love Island villa

Now that we’re enjoying the final week, the Islanders’ true colors are definitely starting to show. As much as they like to tell us they’re “all family,” it’s clear that not everyone defines “family” the same way.

Some islanders act like the Waltons, the Gilmore Girls or the Von Trapps…

And others act like the Lannisters of Game of Thrones backstabbing, scheming, scheming, jumping out of bed and crossing paths.

Both are “families”, but “families” whose encounters, I imagine, have very different vibes.

As the islanders tossed around the word “family,” which of them are truly ride or die? Who can sometimes be dysfunctional but ultimately want the best for each other, like AC-12, The Mitchell Brothers or The Sopranos? And who’s more intriguing and serpentine like Carringtons from Dynasty?

It’s time for the countdown of the top five Villa Vipers:

5. Priya

Priya let Faye slip that she and Brett didn’t vote for her and Teddy as incompatible



She left last night but still earned her spot on the list. Not only did Priya hit Brett behind her back, but she didn’t hold back. Has she forgotten that she was being filmed? Did she think Brett wouldn’t look at her later and see her call him “ick”? You may not like this guy, Priya, but there’s no need to humiliate him on national TV.

However, that wasn’t even medical student Priya’s snakeiest gesture. What was that last conversation with Faye about? On the one hand, Priya could have made a sincere sentiment to reassure Faye about Teddy. On the other hand, she used her last minutes in the villa to make sure the feisty Faye knew all three of those who voted for her and Ted as the least compatible couple were always in the villa.

Faye has been liquidated like a Jack-in-the-box… and is just waiting to explode. And when Faye finds out who betrayed her, you won’t need a medical degree to predict her prognosis.

4. Millie and Liberty

Will Liberty Poole and Millie Court tell Faye and Teddy the truth tonight?



I know, super controversial. But how could these two sit there and talk about the vote with Faye and not admit that they were the ones who voted for her? They were quick to point out that they had to make a decision based solely on the issue of compatibility. But seriously, it’s human instinct to be closer to those you’ve known longer.

So if newbies Priya and Brett were bonded like young love’s dream, can we believe OGs (or nearly OGs in Millie’s case) would have really sacrificed two OG couples to give some newbies a chance? arrivals? I am not sure.

So, that said, were Millie and Lib a little too willing to go along with Liam and Jake’s suggestions to dump Feddy? Especially since Feddy now has a very good chance for the title?

3. Kaz and Tyler

Kaz ended up doing to Matthew what she accused Tyler of doing to her



Controversial again – but it was so heavy to treat Matthew the way Kaz did. And while it’s wonderful that she and “Ty Ty” are now loved despite Casa Amor, it was surprising how quickly she forgave him. One thought may have crossed viewers’ minds: if she hadn’t forgiven him, would there have been enough time to bond with someone new good enough that would lead to the finale?

As for Tyler…he entered the villa saying he only had eyes for Kaz, then immediately hit it off with Clarisse at Casa Amor. Unlike Liam, he even brought his accessory back to the villa. You can make mistakes, but if you are really as in love with someone he claimed to be in love with Kaz, he made an even bigger mistake with Clarisse than Rodeo Drive’s sales assistant with Pretty Woman’s Julia Roberts. Is a guy really that stupid?

2. James

Love Island viewers have grown very suspicious of Jake Cornish’s intentions on the show



Okay, he should be number one, but we didn’t want to be too predictable. We all know why, he tops the list. In other words: I’d be more surprised if Jiberty won and made it to his first birthday, than if Jiberty won, Jake kept all the money and blew it all on foot fetish cam girls.

1. Liam

Liam is the biggest snake of them all over the way he treated Millie

It was all about Millie and her “fanny flutters” and then went to Casa Amor – and we all know what happened there. He and Millie are now favorites to win. But do their fans have shorter memories than Dory from Finding Nemo or what?

A) Liam betrayed Millie, knowing he was on camera. B) He returned to the villa after upsetting the side room and Casa Amor’s girlfriend, Lillie. C) After being exposed, he minimized what had happened – even though he knew, once again, that everything would have been caught on camera (and therefore Millie would eventually find out the truth). D) He turned the whole thing into some kind of honorable act to test the “strength” of his relationship with Millie. E) Even when he made his grand romantic gesture, it wasn’t to ask Millie to be his girlfriend, but to “be exclusive.”

That’s right, his grand proposition is that he will now be exclusive to a villa with only five other girls. If he’s expecting a standing ovation for such a pathetic engagement, he’ll wait a bit.

And certainly much longer than he waited before jumping into Lillie’s bed.

* Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2