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Love Island villa haunted by tragedies – 13 dead in flash flood, 6-year-old drowns

Villa Love Island may seem tranquil and the perfect place for love to blossom, but it’s haunted by past tragedies – including a horror flood that killed 13 people.

The villa is located in Mallorca, Spain, not far from the resort town of Sa Coma, and is decked out in chrome white and neon colors to create an aura of love and sex.

With new bombshells arriving every week, tension is already mounting in the villa, with couples clashing in the make-or-break atmosphere.

But plenty of much sadder incidents have happened around the resort, which the Love Islanders are simply unaware of in the isolated realm of reality television.

Daily Star reflects on the villa’s tragic past as Love Island enters its second week of series eight.

Six-year-old boy drowns

Belfast six-year-old drowned in swimming pool

Just days before the start of Love Island, a British schoolboy drowned in a hotel swimming pool in Sa Coma, his heartbroken family paying tribute.

The young boy is believed to be from Northern Ireland and spent days in intensive care on life support before he died on June 5.

His parents had lost sight of him minutes before he was found floating face down in the pool.

Attempts to revive him at the scene failed, with rescuers performing CPR on the young boy for nearly half an hour.

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It was a few kilometers from the villa

Writing on Facebook, a relative said of the horror incident: ‘We as a family want you to know that King Corey has earned his wings.

“The family could not [have] went through this ordeal without all your support, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your kind donations, now we have to focus on getting him home.

“Please keep praying for the family to have the strength to get through the next two weeks!!!”

The family are now raising funds to bring Corey’s body back to Belfast.

13 dead in flash flood

flash flood
13 people were killed in the flash flood

Torrential rains ravaged the Sant Llorenç region in 2018, leaving an indelible mark on the country and 13 deaths.

In October of the same year, walls of water up to five meters high burst, destroying the town hall square of Sant Llorenç and gushing into the surrounding streets.

Among those dead were an elderly British tourist couple, Anthony Green, 77, and his wife Delia, 75, who were being driven back to their hotel by taxi when the car was swept away by the flood.

Rescuers found the car submerged and lying in the torrent, with the taxi driver also found dead nearby.

In another flood tragedy, a heroic mother died trying to save her five-year-old son Arthur as his body was carried away in a car, but both sadly died.

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overturned car
Cars were overturned in the area

Mum Joana, 40, managed to rescue the couple’s seven-year-old daughter Ursula, saving her life with the help of a German cyclist who helped pull her to safety.

Among the victims were also a couple from Germany, an 80-year-old Dutch woman, German journalist Andreas Körlin and Spanish citizens, including the former mayor of Arta Rafel Gili.

More than 200 residents were then evacuated from their homes.

In May this year, the affected town square was renovated and a memorial to the tragedy erected in the center, titled “Help” and designed by artist Amparo Sand.

Hundreds of volunteers helped clean up the area, now dubbed Plaça de la Solidaritat.

tornado horror

Tornado in Mallorca
Furious weather haunted the villa

In September 2019 the area around Villa Love Island was beset by tornadoes, with storm warnings active for Mallorca at the time.

The island was battered by torrential rains, thunders and high winds, with marquees toppled and floodwaters rising in the streets.

A number of waterspouts – that is, tornadoes just out to sea – were filmed, with urgent safety warnings issued.

BBC meteorologist Ben Rich warned at the time: “Towards the south-west of the continent, thunderstorms will move into south-east Spain and the Balearic Islands.

“You can see these very heavy downpours affecting Spain and the Mediterranean.”

Let’s hope the weather stays kinder for this year’s Love Islanders!

Motorcycle accident

A motorcyclist was killed in the area

In April this year, paramedics were called to the scene of a horrific motorbike accident in Sant Llorenç, with a 29-year-old motorcyclist pronounced dead.

The biker had hit a signpost, and had suffered severe polytrauma and cardiopulmonary arrest.

An advanced survival ambulance was dispatched to the scene, reports the Majorca Daily Bulletin, but the rider died at the scene.

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