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Meet the latest Bombshell heading to the Love Island villa which could cause tension with Faye…

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There might be fireworks about to go off the island of love villa, like the latest Bombshell Andrea-Jane Bunker isn’t afraid to step up to the men she finds attractive; even if they are fortunately in a relationship with one of the women already present in the villa.

Andrea-Jane Bunker is a 28-year-old hair extension technician from Hertfordshire, who admits she has had “the worst luck with men” in the past. Having watched the show until her own arrival, she says “there’s something about Teddy” and thinks the two would “get along great”.

When asked how she would approach the situation as he is currently in a relationship with Faye, she explained: “I am a respectful person in terms of morals. I will definitely approach [Faye] and have a conversation beforehand. But I wouldn’t hold back. I feel like we all have a right to know the guys in there.

Then asked what she thinks of the girls at the villa, she replied: “I think Lib and Kaz are my kind of girls. I am very energetic and like to have fun. I feel like I would be really in tune with these girls. It’s funny that Faye and Teddy are paired up because I think Faye and I are the ones who wouldn’t get along the most.

Looks like the drama is heading to the show in a BIG way!

Fortunately, one of the ladies can breathe a sigh of relief. Chloe won’t have to keep Toby’s attention, as Andrea-Jane claimed: “Toby said he was a commitment phobe. My ex was a commitment phobe so no thanks, I don’t want a guy like that.”

So what exactly will she bring to the villa?

“I think I’m going to bring some spice, I’m definitely feisty,” Andrea-Jane said. “Girls need to know their worth and the standards they should set. I’m just going to go out there and say, ‘Girls, you’re beautiful, you’re smart, know your worth!’ Self-love is huge for me Girl power!

“As for the guys, I want to teach them the right way because I’ve been bothered by the guys so much. We have to teach them some lessons. And in the meantime, I also hope to find a nice guy.”

Something tells us trouble is on the horizon…

Photo credit: ITV

Photo credit: ITV

the island of love continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. The episodes are available the next morning on BritBox.

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