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Nanaimo singer opens for Matthew Good on island tour – Victoria News

Nanaimo singer Laura Kelsey will spend the better part of a week touring the island with Matthew Good this month.

Opening for Kelsey on stage at the Tidemark Theater in Campbell River on October 12, followed by shows at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria, the Sid Williams Theater in Courtenay and ending at the Port Theater in Nanaimo on October 12. 15.

“I’m really looking forward to [the shows] – I’ve never played Courtenay or Campbell River before… So this is a whole new experience for me,” Kelsey said.

To coincide with the tour, the Nanaimo singer will release the first single, Your Stormy Ways, from her debut EP. hunting season October 12.

In her half-hour set before Good, she said audiences can expect honesty, poetry and soulful vocals.

“I’ll do stuff all over the place, including Grabbing a Ghost and Little Winters,” she said.

Kelsey performed at Nanaimo’s first-ever Shine event at the Vancouver Island Conference Center last month, when she performed Grabbing a Ghost with a troupe of dancers.

“It was fun, I had never done anything with dancers before. It was totally new, and singing on my own track – I had never done that before… Usually I play with the band or with a guitar, I don’t just sing. So it was great, it was a new experience.

Kelsey was able to secure a grant from Creative BC earlier this year to record Hunting season. She said her success in getting a grant was the result of years of honing her skills, working hard and refusing to give up, despite applying to different funding bodies every year. year over the past decade.

“It’s very cool to finally receive this funding and bring all these songs to life…Before that, I released collections of home-recorded songs and was in a lot of bands and made some recordings with them…and I’ve released different singles before, but I’ve never had to release a full, professional EP before.

hunting season is a four-track album she plans to release in early 2023. It was produced by Winston Hauschild at Treehouse Studio on Bowen Island over the summer.

The album’s lead single, Your Stormy Ways, is a relatable song given its influence, Kelsey said.

“In the opening lines it goes, ‘the odds are against our minds and the last thing we need is a reason to fight’… I think the odds are really against us in life, and why do we have to make it harder?And that goes for any relationship…And a global journey for world peace – So that’s sort of the inspiration behind the song.

Another consideration was the concept of how humanity has become easily and seemingly more easily accessible through the advent of modern technology and social media.

“Like when we get a friend request from an ex-relationship that ended badly and you think ‘wow, I never want to see that person again.’ The ease with which we can reconnect and stay in touch with people may not be a good thing… We may have had negative experiences, or just a brief moment with anyone, and now we we’re just dragging this trail of every experience and relationship we have and it might not be good for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The rest of the album, Kelsey said, deals with the general theme of finding truth and peace within oneself and in the world at large.

“But also ‘the circle of life’ and the feeling that we are just strings of energy. And then once our strings break, we’re just reabsorbed into the energy of the world, and then we come back in a different form.

Your Stormy Ways can be pre-saved on streaming platforms such as Spotify ahead of its October 12 release.

Tickets for Kelsey’s Port Theater show with Matthew Good can be purchased online at More information about Kelsey’s tour and current projects can be found at
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