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North Pacific Boeing 757 begins multi-stop tour

American start-up Northern Pacific has embarked on a demo tour to show off its refurbished plane. The airline will take one of its Boeing 757s on a four-city, multi-state tour, showcasing its onboard product to customers, partners and team members. The tour will pass through California, Hawaii and the Northern Marinas Islands before returning to the airline’s home port of Anchorage, Alaska.

The North Pacific on Tour

It’s been nine months since Northern Pacific first unveiled its Boeing 757 to the world, at a glamorous event in Los Angeles, California. The airline has now taken possession of four such aircraft, according to data from, and is ready to start generating excitement for its long-haul narrow-body services.


The ultimate plan is to fly from major US points to Asia via Alaska. This will allow passengers to fly between the United States and points such as Japan and South Korea, with the unique offer of a stopover to explore Alaska. Northern Pacific has invested heavily in facilities in Anchorage to accommodate its passengers, including a new bespoke lounge and mini IMAX theater.

Photo: Northern Pacific Airways

But before embarking on its mission, the airline is keen to arouse enthusiasm for the service and has launched a multi-stop tour to present its planes to its partners and customers. It’s a great opportunity for Northern Pacific to put its 757 through its paces and for its crew to gain experience in long-haul operations before the full launch.

The first leg of the fight took off yesterday, and the entire tour will last a week, with the plane due in California on October 25.

The road

Northern Pacific began its “Show & Tell” tour at its maintenance base in California, from where it flew to Maui, Hawaii. The plane took off from Ontario (ONT) at 4:23 p.m. yesterday afternoon, landing at Kahului Airport just after 6:30 p.m. local time. This is the airline’s first flight under its new registration N628NP.

From there it will head to Saipan, the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands – an American Commonwealth in the Western Pacific. It’s a closeness to Asia that you can get while being on American soil.

In Saipan, the airline is planning a special event, inviting guests from various partners in the United States, Asia and the pan-Pacific region. Northern Pacific says it will invite customers, airline partners, tourism authorities and members of the press at all stages of its tour.

Image: GC Maps

Once the festivities in Saipan are over, the Boeing 757 will head to Anchorage, Alaska. Landing at its new terminal at Ted Stevens International, Northern Pacific will hold a welcome event for its guests to show off not only its aircraft but also its new facilities at the airport itself.

Northern Pacific CEO Rob McKinney noted that,

“This first flight is a major milestone for Northern Pacific Airways as it heads towards the launch of the service. Northern Pacific Airways will bring the world closer to Alaska’s traditions of freedom, friendship and exploration with a cost-effective option.

The aircraft making the tour is N628NP, one of four 757s currently in NPA’s possession. It is a former American Airlines aircraft, previously registered N200UU, which also flew for US Airways before the merger.

Maiden flight

The tour will be the airline’s inaugural flight, but without paying guests on board. This is an important moment for the startup as it continues to push forward with its launch plans. As it nears its official launch, it’s a great opportunity to see what it has to offer and how the passenger experience will be on board.

Photo: Joanna Bailey | single flight

The airline chose the Boeing 757 for its launch aircraft for several reasons. First is aircraft availability – many 757s have been retired from airline fleets in recent years, so there is a strong pool of well-maintained, inexpensive aircraft to start building the fleet.

The second reason is its enormous range of around 3,900 NM, farther than any other narrow-body Boeing, even the 737 MAX. It also has an impressive capacity of around 200 passengers, giving the airline maximum opportunity to sell more seats on its flights.

Photo: Bryan Giardinelli – North Pacific.

There’s a lot to love about the 757. It’s been a transatlantic workhorse for many years, but Northern Pacific will be the first to fly it between the US and Asia in this way. The airline notes that the type is well-suited to long-haul flights and is cheaper to operate than its wide-body equivalents, allowing it to offer lower ticket prices to its customers.

Photo: provided

During the tour, guests will have the opportunity to inspect the Northern Pacific cabin for themselves. The airline has unveiled its seats installed just a few weeks ago, showcasing a sleek, carefully crafted aesthetic with interesting touches that reflect the unique livery on the exterior. Along with comfortable economy seats, Northern Pacific has also installed premium seats in the front of the cabin, arranged in a 2-2 with plenty of personal space.

In the premium cabin, the seats are wider and the personal space is improved. Photo: provided

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