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OMEGA X connects to NYC – OMEGA X World Tour [Connect: Don’t give up] At New York!

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No matter the day of the week, you can count on OMEGA X to give you the night of your life. For many FOR X (devoted OMEGA X fans!), that night was October 4th – when OMEGA X took to the Palladium Times Square stage for their World Tour [Connect: Don’t give up] At New York!

Flashing lights, booming bass tubes and the screams of their FOR X welcomed OMEGA X to the stage with “VAMOS”! Every fan sang along to the chorus of “Vamos a la fiesta” – the boys brought the party straight to us!

“OMEGA X,” their self-titled song, continued the hype with its fashion-show beat. Their outfits were equally worthy of New York Fashion Week hallmarks in red, white and black streetwear! The lyrics of the song sounded like a promise – all eyes were on OMEGA X as each boy sang, rapped and danced in sync, kicking off the show in style.

Count on Hangyeom to charm the whole crowd with a dazzling “Hello, New York!” before its central part!

And OMEGA X’s adorable hellos continued as they began their self-introductions, started by Xen with his English skills: “Let’s have fun!” (Spoiler alert: we actually had fun.)

“Despite the chaos tonight, thank you for coming!” Yechan greeted. The show had been moved from the previous night due to flight disputes – but despite it all, the boys were determined to give their FOR X an amazing show!

Instead, the chaos came from the fans and their enthusiasm for OMEGA X: each of the boy’s presentations was met with various shouted compliments and a roar of barking from the audience. Yes, bark. OMEGA X, especially Hangyeom, even barked back.

With a conniving (and perhaps exasperated) smile, Sebin greeted us all with, “I love New Yorkers!

Xen spoke about his lack of English skills – but they don’t need English to communicate how much fun they want to have! They just need Danceproven by Xen’s cutie’s dance moves.

The boys introduced the following song with a question, which they then answered with another question: “WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?” With a glimpse of the dance moves and smiles on their faces, they launched into the deep track under all red lights. No confusion there: Omega X’s performance skills have us all on the edge of our seats!

The boys kept the energy up for “BAILA CON OX,” smoothly shifting to the party beat: The track’s punchy synths matched the punchy dance moves perfectly, each in sync!

Omega X then left the stage to change their outfits – congratulations to the ASMR fans who got to hear the boys talking throughout.

When they returned, our favorite moments showed off the beautiful synchronization of OMEGA X: their matching all-black outfits, the choreography spin of Love Me Like, the headbanging band hype of Take’em All!

As a very surprising gift, Omega X prepared a “Test Time” – to prove to them how much For X knows about Omega X! Those who get a good response will be invited on stage to be serenaded by Omega X with love – literally, the song named “LOVE”.

Fans were tasked with guessing one of the members’ favorite color – with wrong answers of red and black, finally one lucky fan answered with green. No wonder, considering the crowd lit up green with the OMEGA X glow sticks! The fan was greeted with a unique experience: The boys serenaded them with “LOVE,” draped them in their jackets, and gazed lovingly into their eyes as they held hands and sang. (It was extremely romantic from start to finish, especially since Jehyun held their hands to guide the fan offstage.)

And as delicately as they treated the lucky fan, OMEGA X performed “Dry Flower,” harmonizing with angelic falsetto voices and serenading the audience. As true multi-faceted kings, they seamlessly shifted the energy for the “ICETAG!”

Offstage and changing, the boys played with their For X with a few calls and returns: “When I say O, you say X!”

The playfulness they had with their For X was perfect for their next song, “Play Dumb”, a playful and upbeat track that matched their new denim jackets perfectly! OMEGA X lit up the stage with joy and sunny energy.

The bouncy track of “ALL ABOUT U” took their sweet vibes to the next level with island sunset vibes: each boy sent finger hearts all around, from the front of the stage to the balconies in the back . The slow burn of Omega X’s slow motion gun movement, the smiles on their faces, the way they jumped not only for their For X but with them – it was an extremely cute scene. This really is their For X!

“LIAR” once again shifted the energy to a different kind of sweetness, this time in a sad way. Specifically, the sad boyfriend from the early 2000s who longs for you to come back to him. (Boyfriend vibes were simply off the charts – but how could we ever leave OMEGA X?) Regardless, we’d accept any apology if delivered with the dance moves and vocal genius of the Omega X members. We loved the wave formation at the end of the song, with each member dancing in turn!

Returning to a mental part of the concert, Yechan commented that it was “always funny that we sang Liar after All About You!”

For Xen and Jehyun, their stop in New York is a return after two and a half years of their 1Team show here – and Xen commented that the passion of the New Yorkers he saw them is still present. “I’ll never forget today, and I promise you: we’ll be back in New York!”

Jaehan’s ment was interrupted by fans chanting “Best Leader,” and illustrating his incredible listening skills as a leader, he paused to let the vocals shine. The other members even joined in the vocals!

We’ll give Yechan the crown for the tastiest and most loving messages of the night, as he offered X his tender words; “Even through the chaos, never give up on your dreams! And I will continue to love no matter what!”

His sentimental skills were nearly matched by his humorous translation skills: Hwichan asked Yechan to translate his farewell message to him, with laughs and love for For X.

‘Venus’ and ‘Binary Star’ were two perfect songs to relax at night – and by relax, we mean raise the hype! “Venus” had everyone bouncing around, while the moody vibes of “Binary Star” had Kevin and Hyuk making fans wave their arms in sync.

We’ll never tire of the encore part of a K-pop concert: the members slowly returned to the stage in their tour merch, ranging return on stage and return to when they were younger, for “Younger!” It was heartwarming to see the members perform on stage like children: Jehyun and Hangyeom twirled together, and Yechan hopped!

The final moments of OMEGA X’s New York tour stop were filled with absolute love: Yechan and Hangyeom embraced in the middle of the stage, each boy rapping and improvising and sending their love to their For X, and the final note of Xen echoing throughout the scene. the entire Palladium Times Square!

With a photo, the cutest coordinated bow, and a million goodbye kisses, OMEGA X said goodbye to their FOR Xs, capping off the start of their North American tour. Through the chaos and through it all, OMEGA X has gone all the way to make its World Tour [Connect: Don’t give up] At New York an unforgettable night.

Many thanks to Helix Publicity, MC Entertainment, Spire Entertainment and of course OMEGA X for press access to such an amazing concert!

Photos by: Karen May