Organized Island Day Trip to Satpura Tiger Reserve

Narmadapuram (Madhya Pradesh): Lifting the ban on entry to Satpura Tiger Reserve after rain, the Narmadapuram district administration organized a tour of the island on Saturday with the help of officials from Satpura Tiger Reserve and the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

On the occasion, Narmadapuram Collector Neeraj Kumar Singh, Superintendent of Police (SP) Gurkaran Singh and STR Field Manager, L Krishnamurthy enjoyed sailing from Tawa to Parsapani with the other tourists present there and reached Parsapani area to enjoy Jungle Safari.

Collector Singh told the media that new events have been proposed to attract more tourists to the spot. He added that Tawa has been linked with wildlife tourism through which tourists could enjoy a boating experience from Tawa to Parsapani. He said they will be able to embark on a jungle safari in the Parsapani forest.

During the yachting, Chula Chokha Island will be a key center of attraction and will be open for tourists in December 2022.

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