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Passenger Ship News Roundup | October 12 – Chinese Inland Tour Boats, Self-Contained Swedish Ro-Paxes and More

A Belgian operator officially names a new domestic ferry as a recently completed large Ro-Pax enters service on Japan’s inter-island routes. A fleet of electric tour boats will soon begin cruising China’s inland waters. Finally, a Swedish government agency places an order for ferries equipped with autonomous navigation technology.

Belgian DAB Vloot christens its new electric ferry

Photo: DAB Vloot

The Flemish public river transport company DAB Vloot recently christened its brand new electric ferry.

Raveel Ontmoet Ensor was built by Baltic Workboats, based in Estonia. It is 22 meters long, six meters wide and has space for 40 bicycles and 100 passengers including five wheelchair users.

The electric propulsion will deliver a speed of 8.6 knots.

New fleet of electric tour boats enter service on Shanghai’s Suzhou Creek

Photo: Classification Society of China

Chinese sightseeing vessel operator Shanghai Jiushi Suzhou Creek Tourism Development Company has started sailings for a new fleet of domestic electric sightseeing boats.

The first 12 boats to enter service are each equipped with two outboards powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. Their area of ​​operations encompasses the 21-kilometre-long Suzhou Creek, which runs through Shanghai.

The design work on the ships was carried out in accordance with the rules of the China Classification Society.

The Japanese operator acquires the second large Ro-Pax in series


Japanese transport company Miyazaki Car Ferry has taken delivery of a new large Ro-Pax ferry built by Naikai Zosen Corporation.

Rokko Ferry is a sister ship of Takachiho Ferrywhich was delivered earlier this year.

The new construction measures 194 by 28 meters and has a capacity of 576 passengers and up to 1,972 meters of freight track. Two JFE-SEMT Pielstick 12PC2-6B diesel engines propel the vessel to a maximum speed of 23 knots.

Swedish Transport Administration orders autonomous ferries from Dutch shipyard

Photo: Swedish Transport Administration

The Swedish Transport Administration has awarded Holland Shipyards Group a contract to build two Ro-Pax autonomous electric ferries in a series, along with options for two additional sister ships.

Each ferry will measure 86 meters by 14.24 meters and will be able to carry up to 60 vehicles as well as passengers.

The ferries will be operated remotely from a control center in Stockholm. However, crews will remain on board to immediately take control if necessary.

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