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Phish opens with “Tweezer”, Funks Out For Island Tour Night Three, on this day in 1998 [Videos]

On the third night of their now famous island tour in 1998, Phishing continued to deliver some of their best improv performances as they traveled to the Providence Civic Center in Providence, RI after two nights at Nassau Coliseum. Every show in the four-night run has been archived so extensively and for good reason. This is Phish at its absolute peak during the 1.0 era.

The Rhode Island portion of the Island Tour opened with a 17+ minute rendition of “Tweezer”, not straying too far from its roots but still entering into great musical energy for the performance. The previous show ended with a surprise “Tweezer Reprise,” making it a predictable, yet thoroughly enjoyable, opening choice. As the band moves on to “Taste”, the improvisation really sets in, as the band journeys into deeper waters. The first set continued with some classic tunes, going through “Funky Bitch”, “Limb By Limb”, and many more.

The second set is more of high stuck-up goodness, with a “Birds of a Feather” set opener played for only the second time. Of course, the first time was the first night of Island Tour, but this release saw the band go deeper into the music. Then they released “2001”, to the delight of the public. The uplifting, spacey jam moved cleanly into “Brother” — which also featured a short “radio-friendly” cover, according to Trey Anastasio. The rest of the set reads like a fan’s dream, with “Ghost” in “The Lizards” and “David Bowie” driving it all home. With “Harry Hood” in the encore spot, there’s no denying that this was top-notch Phish.

Watch the entire April 4, 1998 performance via the YouTube playlist below beginning with the show’s opener “Tweezer.”

Phishing – “Tweezers” – 04/04/98

[Video: silverchair97]

Setlist: Phishing | Providence Civic Center| Providence, RI | 4/4/98

Set One: Tweezers > Taste, Bouncing around the Room, Funky Bitch, Ginseng Sullivan, Limb by Limb, Lawn Boy, Character Zero

Set Two: Birds of a Feather > Also Sprach Zarathustra[1] > Brother[2]Ghost -> The Lizards, David Bowie

Again: Harry Hood

[1] Unfinished.
[2] With short instrumental cover.
Dave’s Energy Guide to Brother
Can’t Turn You Loose tease in Ghost
Notable jams: Tweezer (highly recommended), Taste, Birds of a Feather (highly recommended), Also Sprach Zarathustra (highly recommended), Brother (highly recommended)
Average Song Deviation: 11.93
Cast: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon
Notes: 2001 was unfinished. Brother included a brief match from Dave’s Energy Guide and was followed by a short instrumental cover, which was advertised as the “radio-friendly version”. Trey compared this to the normal version, which was deemed not radio compatible due to its length. Ghost, which Trey jokingly noted was also not radio-friendly because it’s long and slow, included a Can’t Turn You Loose tease. This show is available as an archive on