Potholes and parking issues on the Isle of Wight Tour of Britain

I recently contacted Island Roads by email regarding the very poor condition of parts of Bembridge High Street, which is also on the Round The Island cycle route.

There are various sized ruts and potholes in various places along this route that professional cyclists will use.

These flaws have been there for quite some time and fixed from time to time.

We locals tolerate it, but there is a risk of an incident for a fast peloton of professional cyclists.

On August 8, Island Roads inspected the full length of Bembridge High Street and concluded that there were “no reactive safety defects present for us to take action on”.

Let’s hope it’s day because I see and hear, almost daily, cyclists, on a bad pass near my address, shouting warnings and avoiding these faults.

Councilor Phil Jordan has encouraged residents of the Isle of Wight to support the Tour of Britain and as a cycling enthusiast I agree with him it is a feat to get to the final of this racing here and no doubt potentially good for promoting the island for cycling.

I refer to his comment on the removal of private vehicles from the road.

If this is indeed the case, vehicle owners should be warned ahead of time, many of whom will already be WightFibre roadwork fatigue and tired of moving their legally parked vehicles and negotiating numerous traffic lights and diversions.

Turning again to Bembridge High Street, there are always many vehicles parked along this stretch of road.

Many are tourist cars, others vacation homes/second homes as well as local residents.

There are very few places to move them, even for a relatively short time.

There is a section that is also narrow with a pinch point, so if any parked cars remain in that area, along with the road defects described, it could be a problem for the race.

Hopefully those with influence and in charge will look into and resolve these issues early and it will be a good day for the Isle of Wight.

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