President Solih leaves for a visit to seven islands in Thaa Atoll

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih left for a three-day official trip to Th. Atoll on Tuesday evening.

The president is due to visit seven islands during the visit to Thaa Atoll; Thimarafushi, Kinbidhoo, Omadhoo, Veymandoo, Vandhoo, Kandoodhoo and Gaadhiffushi.

The spokesperson for the office of the president, Mabrook Abdul Azeez, told RaajjeMV that the president will meet with councils, committees in charge of development projects and heads of different institutes across the seven islands during the tour.

Mabrook said that although councilors were first appointed to lead councils under the Decentralization Act, one of President Solih’s goals was to ensure the councils operated independently. While the president meets with newly elected councilors virtually, these visits allow him to meet them in person.

President Solih will also review ongoing development projects on the island, which he was unable to do for almost two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The president, accompanied by First Lady Fazna Ahmed and senior government officials, visited South Thiladhunmathi atoll last month. They visited three islands; City of Kulhudhuffushi, Hanimaadhoo and Kumundhoo.