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PT TIMAH Tbk: Explore the beauty of Ketawai Island with Millennial

Explore the beauty of Ketawai Island with Millennial Berwisata and PT Timah Tbk

BANGKA CENTRAL – The beauty of the Bangka Belitung Islands province is endless. Beautiful beaches and charming little islands make many tourists addicted to returning to this tin-producing province.

One of the islands that has a charming and unspoilt charm is Ketawai Island which is located in Kurau Village, Central Bangka Regency. To enjoy the beauty of the island of Ketawai, you have to take a sea trip by boat about 30 minutes from the pier at Fish Landing Place in the village of Kurau.

Along the way, you won’t be bored, as you can see the blue expanse of the sea, the sound of the waves colliding with the roar of the ship. No less interesting, you can take a selfie with a wide seabed.

When you arrive at Ketawai Island, you will be presented with the expanse of view of towering coconut trees that is soothing. The beach atmosphere is calm and unspoiled, making Ketawai a comfortable and safe tourist destination with family and friends.

A landmark that reads “Ketawai” extends not far from the pier as you step off the boat. There are also several kiosks along the coast that can be used for resting. Facilities, such as prayer rooms and restrooms are also available in this area.

Well, for those of you who love to snorkel, Ketawai Island also has beautiful underwater beauty, where there are many fish such as nemo, green kerisi and various other types. of fish. The expanse of different types of coral is also a shame if you miss it to enjoy together.

To support tourism activities on Ketawai Island, PT Timah Tbk handed over a speedboat type tourist boat to the Millennial Berwisata Group of Kurau Village, chaired by Neli Saputra, a 23-year-old young man from Kurau Village.

Putra said there are five other islands in the Ketawai Island area, such as Gusung Asam Island, Ketugar Island, Babuar Island, Semujur Island and Panjang Island. However, only the island of Ketawai attracts more tourists.

The man called Putra has been running a tour guide business since 2013. Unfortunately, they don’t have their own boat yet, so when they want to bring guests, they have to hire a boat from fishermen or locals . BUMDes.

To motivate the young people of his village, Putra is sometimes able to bring a hundred tourists to visit the island of Ketawai in a month through the Kelompok Millennial Berwisata. The greatest number of visits usually take place on weekends.

They often feel confused if the boats they usually rent are also used by other groups. Thus, it is not uncommon that they have to negotiate with tourists to divert the time of their visit.

“Until now, we always rent the boat, but we bring the boat in, and the fuel also comes from us. Because we don’t have the money to buy our own boat, let alone a boat special for tourism to transport tourists,” he said while handing over tour boat assistance from PT Timah Tbk to his group on Ketawai Island on Wednesday (23/2/2022 ).

According to Putra, the ship assistance provided by PT Timah Tbk is a tangible manifestation of the company’s support for tourism in their village. With the new ship meeting the needs of tourists, such as comfortable seats, roof, there are barriers on the left and right of the ship, it will make tourists more comfortable.

Not to mention that the 40 PK ship engine can speed up the distance between the pier and Ketawai Island. Thus, the trip to Ketawai Island can be reached in just 25 minutes.

This white fiber type vessel can accommodate around 10-12 passengers. This ship is produced in Pangkalpinang, so PT Timah Tbk also allows the community to produce ships that are handed over to this group.

“Tourists are more comfortable with this new vessel, first, the time is faster. Then PT Timah Tbk not only provided vessels, but also equipped with buoys. Yes, it is ready for the job to bring tourists immediately,” Putra said.

According to Putra, the timing of the ship’s handover is also a good time, as tourists usually visit Ketawai Island during the dark months, from March to May.

“It’s a good time to take this boat, because from March to Eid, a lot of people usually come. At the beginning of March, we had already booked two groups, and later they will be brought directly with this new boat,” said he explained. .

Not only providing boat rental services, the Millennial Berwisata Group at Kurau Village also offers snorkeling equipment rental, consumption and a number of other facilities.

Later, Putra said, the ship provided by PT Timah Tbk will not only be used to transport tourists. However, if there are people who need help, such as when a fisherman has a sea accident or a disaster at sea, this ship can be used to help.

“This vessel is not only for tourism, but also used to help fishermen. For example, if there is a disaster at sea, an accident and the like. This vessel is fast, so it can help fishermen faster. fishermen’s families to help the community,” he said.

In the future, with this ship, he hopes he can increase tourist visits to Ketawai Island, it can also help kick-start the economy of the community.

“We will take care of this boat. From a boat donated by PT Timah Tbk, I hope we can add more boats later. More tourists, it will definitely move the economy of the local community, for example food and such,” he said. .

Meanwhile, the Regent of Bangka Center Algafry Rahman appreciated the support of PT Timah Tbk to the millennial group traveling to Kurau village, so this assistance should make it easier for tourists and of course increase tourism on the island of Ketawai.

“It is a form of worry for PT Timah Tbk, this worry has an impact on the economic movement of the Kurau community. I ask my friends to pay attention and help the community to grow and develop tourism” , did he declare.

He felt that the existence of PT Timah Tbk really supports the development of tourism in central Bangka, not only tourism but also other sectors. He admitted that Ketawai Island is indeed one of the charming tourist destinations in central Bangka.

“We will continue to collaborate with PT Timah Tbk and other business players to develop tourism. Because we also have high hopes to develop this Ketawai Island tourism. Hopefully PT Timah Tbk will continue to exist and enjoy, so his CSR can continue to flow to the community,” he said.*