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Pullman Hospital to expand patient care facilities

Pullman Regional Hospital plans to expand its patient care services through an expansion and renovation project. On Wednesday, the hospital’s board of directors approved the equipment master plan, which is essential for the future organization of the project.

The facilities master plan is intended to meet the future facilities needs of the district and region, said Scott Adams, CEO of the hospital. It provides the framework on how to organize, meet and carry out the different phases of the project.

The project covers approximately 80,000 square feet and includes plans to relocate administrative services to an estimated 9,000 square foot space; remodel approximately 17,000 square feet of space; and add approximately 54,000 square feet of patient care space, according to a press release.

Alison Weigley, director of external relations at the hospital, said it was the first time the facility had been expanded since it was built around 18 years ago. Established in 2004, the center was the second hospital to be built in Pullman in 25 years, according to a Spokesman-Review article.

The plan is a $45 million project, Weigley said. At Wednesday’s board meeting, commissioners discussed funding options and a funding plan. The funding plan includes resources such as $6-12.5 million from philanthropy, grants and other sources, borrowing $10 million from hospital funding and $22.5-29.5 million an obligation of taxpayers.

A special public consultation meeting is scheduled for July 14 to receive feedback on the project, and another special meeting for commissioners will be held on July 26 to act on the funding plan. The bond filing deadline is Aug. 2, and if the funding plan is approved, which includes a taxpayer bond, a bond measure would be placed before Pullman votes on Nov. 8.

“Without $45 million in funding, the project would have to be reassessed as to scope, timelines, priorities and phasing of the various parties,” Adams said.

According to the press release, the project would improve the emergency department, surgical and gastrointestinal departments, mental health services, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, sleep studies, cardiac and pulmonary services. It would integrate off-campus services, reduce rented space, and expand patient care services like rheumatology, endocrinology, and dermatology.

Weigley said the hospital began planning for these efforts in December 2021, when the Health Care Facility Strategic Planning Committee, led by Ned Warnick of Design West, was created. The committee includes hospital staff, local physicians, hospital commissioners and members of the Pullman city government. Weigley said that’s where the estimated costs and initial plan were developed, they helped define the goals for this expansion.

The project schedule is expected to end on Election Day, Nov. 8. Over the next two months, commissioners will go online and public meetings may take place on Thursday August 3, September 7, October 5 and November 2.