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READ: Chloe and Toby’s first interview since leaving Love Island Villa

Chloe and Toby Love Island exit interviews

the island of love Chloe and Toby have returned home after eight weeks at the iconic Spanish villa.

In their show exit interviews, they talk about moving to Essex with their co-stars, Christmas karaoke plans and more.

When asked how it felt to come in second place this year the island of loveChloe said, ‘I thought that was amazing.’

She added: “Best thing ever. Especially to be in the final with Millie and Liam. Couldn’t have asked for better.

While Toby said, “I think when you’re on a trip, when you meet someone, you don’t think about the finale.”

“So being there was surreal, and being second was the icing on the cake.”

“Because everything after finding Chloe was just a bonus,” he explained.

Split or Steal

Toby was asked if he won the show, would he split the money, or would he keep it for himself.

He replied, ‘Nah, it was always going to be a split. Divide, divide, divide!’

Chloé intervened: ‘So that we can buy a house! And get married.

When asked how soon she hoped the proposal would arrive, she replied, “Like imminently.”

Toby then told her, “You’re going to propose,” and she replied, “I never would!”

He told the interviewer, “She’s going to have to ask the question if she wants to ask it, then see if she gets the right answer or what…”

On a more serious note, Toby admitted that he really wanted to get married someday.

And Chloe said she wanted a “flamboyant” marriage proposal from him.

Oh, and she wants the wedding to take place at the Spanish villa, “it’s going to be at the the island of love villa I think!’

Become a boyfriend and girlfriend

During the declarations of love part of the island of loveToby asked Chloe to be his girlfriend.

Reflecting on that, she said: “That was my favorite moment, I think, because I didn’t see it coming and it was like the greatest speech ever, so I thought that was it. ‘was great.”

‘And then when he said it, I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ I didn’t think he would.

“We didn’t talk about it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that we’re not very good at serious chat situations.

Toby added: “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. For the time ! I thought, ‘Should I do it, when should I do it?’

‘All. I thought about the final date, then I said to myself “Hmm no”.

Chloe said: ‘Faye and Teddy did it [on their final date] and I made a comment when they came back, ‘Oh if somebody else becomes boyfriend and girlfriend, that’s copycat!’

Toby remembered, ‘Yeah, so I had no chance now!’

‘So the next chance was that time and I thought, ‘You know what, in a declaration of love – let’s get this over with!’

Real World Dating

When asked about their first date ideas outside the villa, she said, “I want to do a bottomless brunch in an arcade and you [Toby] want to go to F1 in Monaco on a yacht!’

“So we’ll try to do it all in one.”

In their exit interview, Toby also insisted that his head wouldn’t spin now that he was officially in a relationship.

‘Well, I’m in a relationship now, it’s a different status. I have tunnel vision and I only see one way.

‘I can’t see 360 ​​anymore so…’ he continued, ‘I can only see straight; I can no longer turn left and right – these are my abilities.

When asked for his best relationship advice, he replied, “Don’t be afraid, embrace it!” [to himself] Yeah! It was good.’

Chloe commented, “Pretty vague too, isn’t it…”

He agreed, “Yeah, that could mean anything, so they take what they want out of it!”

‘…all we do is laugh or kiss…’

Chloe has previously admitted her romance with Toby is the best she’s ever had.

When asked why, she replied, “Because all we do is laugh or smooch and that’s all you want in a relationship.”

“And sometimes a little serious conversation. But otherwise – laughing and smooching is all you need!”

When asked what he learned on the show, Toby began, “Oh my God.”

‘That girls think very differently from boys! Yeah… about everything! If you think everything is fine, it probably isn’t.

Commenting on Millie and Liam’s win, Chloe said, “I love that they won!” I love it.’

” Well Named ! If it wasn’t us, we wish it was them,” she added.

Toby said: ‘[We’re] the awesome quartet, so we have to represent for us.

Chloe added, “Yeah, we’re so glad they won!”

The wedding

In their exit interviews, Millie and Liam said they expected to be invited to Toby and Chloe’s wedding.

When told this, Chloe said: ‘Guest? I will be bridesmaid.

“We all started our journeys together on the daybed on the same day, so to see us all in the final feels like we’re definitely going to be in each other’s lives.”

She added that Millie can also be her bridesmaid and Liam can officiate.

On their living conditions outside the villa, Chloe revealed: “I’m coming home for a bit and then I think I’m going to move to Essex with some of the girls. That’s the plan. ‘

Toby said: “Well I’m in Essex, she says she’s moving to Essex so…it all worked out for me in the end!”

Christmas at the Terriers

Chloe said she was very happy to have Toby with her over Christmas, “so he could do karaoke”.

“It’s the biggest event of the year in our household. I sing Blondie, Call me every year.’

The pair are planning a duet, but Toby won’t do the heavy lifting, “I’ll just be there with the ad libs.”

‘I don’t have a karaoke song but I’m adaptable so I can sing any song. On the spot, just give me a song and I’ll sing it,” he said.


Toby was asked if he was excited for Chloe to see him play football, and he replied, “Yeah, I have to go back to pre-season first before she can see me play!”

“Judging from the football, the Islanders saw that I had to come back in pre-season and it could take three long months to get back into shape before I go back to football and then she can come and watch a game. Not at first though!

We can’t wait to see what’s next for these two!