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Ready for something different? Take a jet ski tour of New York

New York boasts of being surrounded by vast waterways. These bodies of water range from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean to several sprawling rivers. The waters extend from the northern part of the city, flow through the five boroughs, and settle into the ocean.

The ubiquitous waterways provide ideal areas to try your hand at water sports like jet skiing. Travelers flock to the city to check out the myriad of water activities in store, including jet ski tours in the Big Apple. The trips provide tourists with a unique sightseeing experience, especially trips that cross the Hudson River.


Is the Hudson River safe for Jet Skiing?

Running through the heart of New York, sometimes frequented by large boats, the Hudson River is also home to various sports. These activities include jet-skiing, canoeing and kayaking. Tourists flock to the quays of this vast river to discover these sports, in particular jet skiing.

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The Best Jet Ski Tours in New York

Various service companies in the city offer many jet ski tours. These trips take vacationers through the beautiful waterways, gazing at the striking landmarks as a backdrop. Here are some of the best tours tourists can consider.

Jersey Jet Ski Tours

The voyage criss-crosses Jersey waters on the state’s south coast. The wide-open bay that covers the area provides ideal terrain for travelers wishing to explore jet skiing. The conditions in the region are also suitable for all types of visitors, including children.

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A company of the same name manages the circuits offering travelers guided tours. The ride takes vacationers past New York’s most iconic structures, including the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. The weather is also ideal all year round to explore this activity, including winter when tourists use winter suits while driving.

Jet Ski in New York Harbor

The jet ski tour takes tourists across the Hudson River from the famous Pier Three in Hoboken, New Jersey. The trip also ends at Ellis Island, passing magnificent landmarks including the Statue of Liberty.

Tourists ride jet skis with experienced guides. Trained staff take travelers through the Manhattan and New Jersey waterways, guiding them on areas to explore and ways to navigate. Due to these security measures, it is an excellent family vacation destination to consider.

Sea City Jet Ski

Considered the largest fleet of jet skis, Sea The City takes tourists through Manhattan and the five boroughs. The tour includes exclusive tips from the organization’s expert guides while navigating the waters of the Hudson and East Rivers. Guides also offer information about surrounding attractions and engage travelers.

The tour lasts 30 minutes to an hour and takes vacationers past the World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and prominent Governors Island. It is also family-friendly, with children under 14 needing a guardian to explore the bays.

Empire City Watersports

Another unique tour that takes travelers on an exhilarating ride through the waters of the Big Apple is the Empire City Water Sports Jet Ski Tour. The organization offers three different tours that include options for taking photos.

Tourists can also customize trips according to their preferences. For travelers interested in skiing alone, the service offers jet ski rentals. For tourists wondering how to get to the Statue of Liberty, this tour also brings them closer to it after the Brooklyn Bridge.

The trip is ideal for families and groups of travelers as the three tours available host many parties at once. Children can also ride with their guardians.

Tips for Jet Skiing in New York

The waterways of the Big Apple offer many experiences. Travelers flock to the city’s quays to discover these sports. However, trying these activities requires a few tips, such as the following.

Before taking on city waters, local authorities require all travelers to complete a safety course and pass. Along the way, vacationers can explore the waterways of the Big Apple, trying out the various sports available to them.

Maintaining sturdiness is essential for comfortable wading through waterways. Tourists should place their hands firmly on the bars while rooting their feet on the footrests. In addition, it is advisable to maintain a central posture when sitting on the bike.

Another crucial thing travelers need to remember is to have a lanyard attached to the key. The cord should wrap around his wrist. This approach ensures that the key detaches, shutting off the engine in the event of a passenger fall.

When cornering, travelers have to accelerate more. Turning at high speed reduces the risk of capsizing. However, not all situations call for high-speed cornering; therefore, tourists should listen to the instructions of their guides.

Sights to See While Jet Skiing in New York

There are many sites to see by jet ski in the metropolis. These sites stretch beautifully along the city’s waterways, creating the perfect backdrop for water games. Here are several such attractions.

  • The empire state building
  • The World Trade Center
  • Statue of Liberty
  • The five boroughs
  • The Brooklyn Bridge
  • Governors Island
  • New York Harbor

The waterways of the Big Apple guarantee a myriad of water activities for travelers. One of these activities includes jet ski tours that take tourists on a sightseeing excursion. These exhilarating journeys provide a thrilling experience for vacationers. Therefore, visitors must explore this activity when visiting the metropolis.